GeneXus in Practice: Use Cases
GeneXus is an artificial intelligence powered Low-Code Development Platform, cross culture and multi-language, used in over 50 countries to build mission-critical systems, in all kinds of scenarios and industries. Find out how GeneXus can add value to your business.
What is GeneXus used for?
AI to Reinvent your Business
Since our inception, we have believed in the power of Artificial Intelligence technology to transform the world of software development. That's why today, by combining GeneXus with LLMs, we find ourselves in an ideal position to harness this technology and improve business processes, products, and services.
Super Apps & Mini Apps
All the applications generated with GeneXus can become a Super App. Using our technology to model it and our generators to create it, you can easily build a Super App that can support tens of thousands of Mini Apps.
Digital Transformation
A good Software Development Strategy is the one that speeds things up in your Digital Transformation Journey, that protects your Digital Assets and that reduces time-to-market. Discover the best framework to develop the digital transformation strategy for your business.
Legacy Systems Modernization
Business needs are always changing. Adapting to new requirements implies having a state-of-the-art, future-proof technology that is able to accompany these changes effectively. Does your organization need to innovate in software? We can help!
Highly Scalable Apps
Building a scalable application allows us to be certain that our system will work correctly regardless of the number of concurrent users or any situation. In other words, being scalable gives us the security of always being operational for our users.
Mission Critical Systems
All Mission Critical Systems have something in common: their constructions are complex, and if they fail, they can cause serious consequences for the business and for the users who use them. Would you like to evolve your applications from one version to another, without fear?
BPM and Workflows
Simplify, automate and optimize your company’s processes and system development with our Business Process Management and Optimization Suite.
Inhouse Software Development
Use GeneXus technology coverage to be able to create more types of applications, for more platforms, languages, databases and integrations, while reducing project costs and go-to-market time.
Our Low-Code platform is for any industry and any scenario
Agriculture, forestry and fishery
Software applied to the agriculture, forestry and fishery industry value chain.
Automotive and manufacturing
Increased productivity, efficiency, and systems integration with Low-Code.
Get ready for the digital transformation of your company.
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Digitize your legacy processes and bring solutions to market quickly.
Consumer goods, food and beverage
Power the operations and expansion of your business.
Deliver the technology students want and the IT systems institutions need.
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Develop the smartest solutions for the financial sector.
Government and public sector
Serve citizens and institutions better with Low-Code solutions.
Healthcare, pharma and biotech
Innovate with new processes and software solutions created to help the healthcare industry.
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Information technology
Modernize the way you build software solutions and speed up time to market.
Accelerate business transformation for Insurance with software solutions.
Retail and trade
Achieve compelling user experiences with innovative tools and technologies that increase sales.
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Transportation and logistics
Generate a positive impact on efficiency, safety and speed in the maritime market.
Build software solutions to strengthen the tourism sector.
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Meet the whole suite
A full-stack platform that increases productivity, and software's life expectancy, for the entire Software Development Life Cycle.
Collaboration and versioning
Coordinate your team’s activity in developing GeneXus applications.
Business Process Management
Model, automate, manage and optimize your business processes.
Reporting and analysis
Create reports from operational databases.
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Testing and quality assurance
Automatize functional tests in GeneXus applications.
Low-Code for SAP® Systems
Extend SAP Systems swiftly yet cost effectively with GeneXus.
Business Process Modeler
Quickly optimize your business processes by using graphic models.
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Be future-proof
GeneXus provides a unique platform that captures the needs from users and generates applications for the present and future technologies, without the need of learning each new technology.