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  • Bantotal

      Uruguay      Finance      Banking  

    The solution comprises the comprehensive processing of all operations of the Financial Entity (Banking Core - Core Banking Solution). So, in addition to providing the functional support necessary for each product and service offered by the Financial Entity, it includes its Accounting System (in compliance with all registration and reporting regulations established by the
    corresponding authorities in each country) and all reports required.

    It also offers customized solutions for the areas of Microfinance, Foreign Trade, Treasury (including transactions relative to Money, Currency and Security Markets), Distribution Channels (Online Banking), Managerial Information (based on OLAP technology), and Information for regulating and supervising entities in each country where it is installed.
  • Accion Point

      Finanzas      Banking      Seguros  

    Accion Point is a company that specializes in the configuration and implementation of IT-based Business Solutions. It is well-known for being customer-oriented.

    It is well-known for being customer-oriented, which is based on:
    • Understanding our customers' needs by listening, learning, and building effective proposals.
    • Devising the best strategy for their business, reusing their knowledge, and integrating technologies and products cost-effectively.
    • Successfully implementing the proposed solution to adequately address the changes sought by each project.
  • What is a Mini App?

    It is a small application that solves a problem within the Super App, which is the host. The Mini Apps are loaded dynamically at the user’s request, and are found through different Discovery Points that are loaded dynamically.

    The owner of the Super App is the one who authorizes the publication of the Mini Apps on its platform. It is not the phone’s operating system or the phone’s store that must do so.


  • AGL solutions

      Brazil     Construction     Retail  

      Industry     Agriculture  

    On-demand solutions with the most modern features on the market. We use agile development methodology and tools such as GeneXus and Microsoft.NET, where we gain flexibility and agility in the development of applications for different platforms. We transfer the benefits of these resources to our customers in the form of quality, agility and low cost. That's why AGL Solutions is the best partner your company can have for Web, Mobile and Cloud solutions.
  • Colinet Trotta

      Argentina      Insurance     Cloud  

    We are a technology company focused on the design, analysis, development, and implementation of systems, applications, and technology products aimed primarily at the insurance sector. The highlight of our portfolio of software products is the GAUSmp core.
    Designed and developed using GeneXus, the platform has been evolving for more than a decade, and today it is chosen by large and medium-sized insurers in various sectors to implement the administration, control, and monitoring of their issuance, collection, claims, reinsurance and accounting operations, and to access strategic information essential to decision making.
    GAUSmp is based on a technology architecture designed for the cloud that operates on multiple databases and application servers, and easily interacts with other software systems.
    Service orientation, automation and planning of unattended processes, total traceability of operations, intelligence based on business rules, and more than 35 years' experience in the insurance market are unique distinct values that enable GAUSmp to raise the management standard of any company.

    The ecosystem of solutions for the vertical insurance market is complemented with proprietary products, including SP for end-to-end business management by producers, BizBoard BI as a business intelligence report tool, and GAUSmobile app for mobile devices. Combined with our professional Consulting services, they have positioned us as experts in the market.

    As part of our company's philosophy, we promote business alliances with leading companies in the provision of IT products and services. Also, with an innovative and professional spirit, we seek businesses that build long-lasting relationships of mutual benefit and commitment with customers and suppliers.
    Colinet Trotta, delivering IT value since 1975.
  • DNGX

      Brasil      Body-shop     Chatbot  

      Mobile device development  

    We are a company specialized in the GeneXus platform.
    The company has been operating for 4 years with a team of analysts and developers specialized in the GeneXus and GeneXus for SAP System platform, in all their versions, and today serves important companies that use the platform in their products.

    In August 2019, DNGX was the Brazilian company recognized by GeneXus as one of the most innovative companies in the world. This award crowns a journey of great evolution and monitoring of each novelty launched and with that all DNGX customers gain a unique experience, keeping up to date with the main tools and technologies in the market.
  • XIKU

      Argentina      Seguros     Insurtech  

    XIKU is an insurtech that aims to revolutionize the traditional business processes of the insurance sector, thinking them through simple solutions based on knowledge, experience and technology, to generate the ideal platform for the digital transformation of its customers.

    Its service offering is focused on the design and implementation of digital transformation projects. Supported by its Core-Insurance developments, CloudComputing consulting, developments aimed at internal efficiency and multi-channel contact with insurers, they make it possible for business processes to be prepared for the future of the sector.





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