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Digital Transformation Strategies
A good Software Development Strategy is the one that speeds things up in your Digital Transformation Journey, that protects your Digital Assets and that reduces time-to-market. Discover the best framework to develop the digital transformation strategy for your business.
What is Digital Transformation?
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Digital Transformation is usually applied to the integration of new technologies and digital innovations or platform -to speed-up a company, to improve a business process, to evolve a service-, or to deliver more value or better user experiences to business customers and final users.
To evolve a Company to better cope with User needs, Business and Market requirements: that's Digital Transformation.
Adopt a Bimodal IT Mindset
For Digital Transformation to succeed your company needs to be able to have "bimodal IT" capabilities, that is to be able to deliver trustworthy software systems (usually a slow process) and to be able to innovate with agility (a quick process). You can solve this by having two different teams, or one team with the right software development Platform (GeneXus).
Protect your Digital Assets
The most valuable assets for a company are the Digital Assets: process knowledge, user knowledge and business knowledge. Usually those Digital Assets are stored as code and databases, but this is not optimal, as programming languages evolve and the responsible people move to other projects, companies or programming languages. Storing those digital assets in a technology independent way -like the GeneXus Knowledge Base- is the best choice for its future-proofing.
Start Process Transformation
You need to start the Process of Digital Transformation for your Business. With the right tools you’ll be able to incorporate new digital innovations to your current business processes and improve them. But this transformation is not only about tools and processes, it’s about people, about user experiences and even about your own culture as you need to reinvent it, evolve it for your company to succeed.
Use Agile Digital Transformation
Innovation works best when it's an iterative process. Agile digital transformation is an approach to continuous innovation that can help companies to evolve business models and capabilities in small steps, over long periods of time. This approach may be hindered by the software development platform of choice, so be sure to choose an evolving development solution.
We all know that the Panama Canal is an impressive achievement in the history of civil engineering, but how much do we know about the technological solutions and the Digital transformation that supports it?
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