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Approaches to Legacy Systems Modernization
Business needs are always changing. Adapting to new requirements implies having a state-of-the-art, future-proof technology that is able to accompany these changes effectively. Does your organization need to innovate in software? We can help!
What is a Legacy System?
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A Legacy System is an old and outdated software that is still in use because it provides the solution or solutions for which it was developed.
To evolve a Company to better cope with User needs, Business and Market requirements: that's Digital Transformation.
Problems of Legacy Systems
For Digital Transformation to succeed your company needs to be able to have "bimodal IT" capabilities, that is to be able to deliver trustworthy software systems (usually a slow process) and to be able to innovate with agility (a quick process). You can solve this by having two different teams, or one team with the right software development Platform (GeneXus).
Many organizations that use legacy software do so because it is difficult or costly to replace it.

Because they are obsolete, these systems generally:

  • Lack of support and maintenance services, preventing their adaptation to new market requirements and limiting their growth.
  • They suffer from incompatibility with new systems.
  • Have their data isolated.
  • They are IT vulnerable.
  • They are not scalable.
  • They cannot access third-party services (such as GPS, camera and sensors, among others).
  • They have unattractive and unintuitive user interfaces.
  • They lack agile development.
  • They cannot be developed on any platform, giving up those markets and vertical, horizontal and responsive adaptations.
  • They are unable to work with offline connections.
What external elements shake Legacy Systems?
  • Emergence of new technologies.
  • Modification of legislations.
  • Economic and social changes (as happened with the Pandemic).
  • Lack of qualified personnel who can respond to maintenance or to the appearance of problems.
Why is it so difficult to migrate Legacy Systems?
An error in the migration or replacement of these systems can trigger problems or risks in the operation of the organizations that use them.

In addition to the dilemma of complexity, there are the costs in money and time that the effectiveness of the process may require.

Correctly planning an evolution strategy is the only possible approach for companies to upgrade their existing systems... And that is precisely what we call Legacy Systems Modernization.
GeneXus, the best approach to Legacy Systems Modernization
Maintaining complex software without dying in the attempt to innovate is possible with GeneXus.

For more than 30 years, we have been helping companies to digitally transform with Low-Code, improving their productivity and reducing development costs with an agile and future-proof solution.

We are pioneers in the use of Artificial Intelligence to simplify, create and develop software solutions quickly and automatically.

Our non-destructive and incremental approach easily adapts to IBMi / iSeries / AS400 based realities and all your applications.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It offers transparent access to the current IBMi / iSeries / AS400 database, with high-level operators, as if it had been created and managed with GeneXus itself.
  • It allows the development of applications in an agile and fast way.
  • It is multiplatform and multi-experience (it generates optimal applications for Apple iOS, Google Android and Web, among others, from the same specification).
  • Allows applications to operate in online and offline modes.
  • Provides automatically controlled security.
Everything you need to know about Legacy Systems Modernization.
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Everything you need to know about Legacy Systems Modernization.
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In these online cycles, our experts answer questions from attendees and share tips and news about Legacy Systems Modernization.
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Tuesday, November 8
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Modernizing Legacy Systems With GeneXus™
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