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Reporting and Analysis tools

Easy-to-create reports and better decision-making
GeneXus™ Query, the GeneXus™ reporting tool, allows you to view and analyze your business data with a practical “drag & drop” system of filters and variables with which you will be able to obtain the data you need in order to make your best decisions.

Access your data

Link your databases to GeneXus™ Query and specify queries through a web interface.

Create reports

Create different types of customized reports, in several formats, in a simple and intuitive manner.


Access your reports from any location at all times and don’t delay your decisions.

Why GeneXus™ Query?

  • Naked-eye analysis

    Analyze information at a glance by simply observing your graphs and create customized reports in a simple way with GeneXus™ Query’s “drag & drop” system. You will be able to create reports without depending on the development team. No database, SQL language or programming knowledge required!
  • More graphic components

    To make your reports more revealing, you may choose from a wide variety of graphic options that include pie charts and tables. Customize your reports and exhibit up-to-date and accurate information obtained from your systems, as you need it. 
  • Accessible reports at all times

    At all times and from any location. Once you generate your reports and pie or bar graphs, you will be able to access them from any device used at your office. Keep your reports at hand and watch your business grow. 
  • GeneXus™ control panel

    Include your reports in your software solution and create fully customized control panels with the GeneXus™ Query reporting tool combined with our software for developing GeneXus™ applications.
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