Accelerate innovation

The fastest way to develop custom native applications that use SAP® Leonardo Machine Learning, integrate to SAP S/4HANA® and run on SAP Cloud Platform.

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Extend SAP Systems swiftly yet cost effectively with GeneXus

Simplify the creation of machine learning and mobile applications for the digital transformation of your company.

Be a front-runner:

Beat competitors at innovation
GeneXus for SAP Systems provides an agile, low-code, future-proof development platform that empowers companies to create customized, native software experiences leveraging SAP Technologies. Without deep technical knowledge or the need for low-level programming.
» Accelerate Innovation in your Company
» Leverage SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation
» Embrace Agile Processes for Software Development
» Integrate natively to SAP S/4 HANA® from GeneXus
» Maximize application responsiveness using SAP HANA® DB
» Expedite Software Implementation
» Mitigate Technology Obsolescence Risk
» Maximize the reach of your applications
» Deploy automatically to SAP Cloud Platform
» Unleash Digital Transformation using GeneXus

"Learning just one tool (GeneXus) we were able to create custom native mobile applications integrated to SAP S/4 Hana. It generates the code for iOS, Android and Java for web automatically, following the Fiori UX Guidelines without additional effort. And it deploys and maintains everything in SAP Cloud Platform… also automatically. We are 10 times more productive, with the same, small team."

Gustavo Rossel Odriozola | Manager at invenzis

What can you do with GeneXus?

  • Mobilize

    Bring your current systems to the mobile devices of your workforce and clients.

  • Extend

    Extend your business processes and data
    to a wider audience in your markets and communities.

  • Adapt

    Implement new functionalities in your existing systems and respond to evolving business needs.

  • Integrate

    Integrate different systems (SAP and non-SAP Systems, APIs, ERPs and more) into a unique software solution.

  • Leverage Investments

    Evolve without losing your substantial investments in existing business software systems.

  • Migrate

    Move from your existing platform to GeneXus without losing information or any potential feature.

  • Modernize

    Transition from older technologies to newer ones, while maintaining operations.

  • Analyze

    Cross data across SAP software modules and non-SAP systems, aggregating data and creating solid reports.

The quickest way for building SAP Leonardo powered apps

Creating tailored Machine Learning applications with SAP Leonardo is easier than ever before with GeneXus for SAP Systems. One single GeneXus developer can create Native Mobile Apps for iOS & Android that use the most advanced SAP Leonardo capabilities without the need of advanced programming skills.

Certified connector to SAP® ERP

    • Connect to SAP® ERP. Explore the BAPIs. Test the possibilities.
    Explore the possibilities
    • Import what you need. Model your Application. Generate it for any platform.
    Develop for any platform
    • Take your app for a Test run. Tune it. Start working with SAP®.
    Use it everywhere
Simplified integration of SAP Technologies

SAP HANA® In-Memory Database

Take the lead using GeneXus to create cross-platform applications that leverage the power of SAP HANA in-memory database. Complexity in extending SAP systems is now a thing of past!

SAP Fiori design system

GeneXus includes an out-of-the-box SAP Fiori UX theme that allows you to create applications as per SAP Fiori UX guidelines, significantly reducing the time and effort invested in implementing web and mobile native applications.

Deployment to SAP Cloud Platform

GeneXus also simplifies the last step of packaging and deploying the applications to SAP Cloud Platform, enabling you to make the most of SAP’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model with one-click cloud integration.

Companies that use GeneXus for SAP Systems

“According to the budgeted effort to integrate my legacy system with SAP, the project where GeneXus was used provided a 82% time reduction.”
Agnaldo Pedroso, IT coordinator at Tecnisa

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