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  • The technology company Valkimia, which has been developing enterprise software solutions for more than 20 years, has become the official distributor of GeneXus in Chile this year 2023, expanding the growth of the brand in that country.

  • GeneXus 18 is released

    The software industry celebrates the release of the new version of GeneXus, the Low-Code platform that boosts productivity and simplifies the development of systems in an accelerated digital world. GeneXus 18 comes loaded with all the keys to digital reinvention: Cloud Native, Knowledge Driven, Automated Devops, design systems and Super Apps, among other powerful features and new functionalities.

  • This year’s Enterprise Low-Code online event, organized by GeneXus, was held on October 11. Some of the major announcements include the new features of GeneXus 18, the latest version soon to be released, and the confirmation that in 2023 the community will once again hold face-to-face meetings, starting with the long-awaited GX30.

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