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Discover why scalability matters in order to guarantee the successful growth of your business.
What is Application Scalability?
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Scalability is the ability of an application to handle a growing number of customers, clients or users. It is directly related to the ability of your current or future developer to maintain the app and its data consistency.
To evolve a Company to better cope with User needs, Business and Market requirements: that's Digital Transformation.
Why Scalability Matters
Building a scalable application allows us to be certain that our system will work correctly regardless of the number of concurrent users or any situation.

In other words, being scalable gives us the security of always being operational for our users.
What are the benefits of building Scalable Applications
Building scalable applications allows us to:
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase the loyalty of our users
  • Guarantee the correct operation regardless of the number or the requests or the users.
Scalability make us Future-Proof
Building a scalable application with the correct technical fundamentals allows us to focus on what is important, describing reality to automatically build the software using a Low-Code strategy.
Everything you need to know about Highly Scalable Applications
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Everything you need to know about Highly Scalable Applications
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Check out these videos.
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In these online cycles, our experts answer questions from attendees and share tips and news about Highly Scalable Apps
AMA: Security for Mission Critical Systems
Thursday, November 3
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
AMA: Scalable Applications in the Cloud
Tuesday, October 25
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
Exclusive Webinar
How we created a Highly Scalable Application to quickly schedule vaccination in Uruguay
We will talk about the Architecture of the COVID Vaccination Schedule App. We will explain how we scale from 0 to 3,000,000 users.
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LIGA BBVA BANCOMER MX is a massively popular mobile app with continuous updates, unique features, and a great track record. It is a perfect example of agility and scalability as a result of using Low-Code multiplatform development technology.
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