A bit of history
In 1988, Breogán Gonda and Nicolás Jodal founded GeneXus (Artech Consultores at the time) and in 1989 GeneXus™ 1.0 was released: The first intelligent tool for creating and maintaining software, automatically.

Since 2022 we are part of the Globant (NYSE: GLOB) family. Though we remain an independent company, we now have Globant, a digitally native technology services company, as our biggest partner, to further expand and solidify GeneXus' global leadership in software development innovation ... Now not even the sky is the limit 🚀!
Martin Migoya (CEO and Co-Founder of Globant), Nicolás Jodal (Co-Founder and CEO of GeneXus), Guibert Englebienne (Co-Founder of Globant and President of Globant X), and Breogán Gonda (Co-founder & Chief Technology Advisor at GeneXus).
Our Purpose
Simplifying software development, automating everything that can be automated.
Our Mission
To help companies create better applications, the easiest way possible.

Our Values


Freedom & Accountability

We interconnect with responsibility and freedom. Every day we seek to be flexible and integrate the interests, objectives and needs of our people and our company. We are professionals and we believe that a context of freedom and responsibility inspires creativity, fosters a good environment and generates great results.

Respect & Trust

The foundations of our organizational culture are based on the pillars of respect and trust. Respect for our differences, styles and opinions allows us to make better decisions. Trust in our teammates allows us to better align our interests, to execute decisions more efficiently.

Diversity & Tolerance

At GeneXus we promote diversity of ideas and people, as well as of styles and thoughts. The different ways of understanding and living the world and the multiple experiences of each one, allow us to generate more and better ideas and solutions. Diversity, tolerance and respect for our differences are fundamental to working successfully on projects that require constant innovation.

Curiosity & Learning

Surfing the dynamism of reality is our great challenge. We have to be curious, and act based on that curiosity so that it results in learning. Going through this process constantly, researching and learning new things, and then processing and applying what we have learned in our lives and our projects, is a cycle that we never want to stop.

Diversity & Tolerance

We believe that the key to innovation lies in collaboration. We create an environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge and information, both internally and externally. We integrate different profiles and styles in our teams, because the best results arise from working in diverse teams.

Enthusiasm & Good Mood

Enthusiasm is the engine of behavior, it manifests itself in the way of acting and speaking. It spreads and is encouraged. GeneXus is a large community of enthusiasts eager to constantly face new challenges and overcome them. Optimism and Good Humor are the basic tools to solve difficult problems and tense situations, and we always prioritize a work environment where the desire to grow and advance is easily perceived.
Our Culture
We are Builders, We are Enthusiasts, We are Optimists, We are Professionals

Product Values


Software development should be easier

Technology evolves, but business knowledge endures

Well designed databases are possible

True multi-platform applications are essential assets

Applications should be automatically written

Incremental development is the right way

Better Apps Starts Here