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ROI Calculator

Learn how much you can gain by leveraging GeneXus Low-Code Development Platform to develop all the applications and software your company needs for its Digital Transformation.
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  • Speed to Market

    The early bird gets the worm! Fast Development of applications in Genexus allows you to shorten the Application Lifecycle Management, reaching your customer requirements faster will allow you to iterate based on feedback given to improve!

  • Multi-Plataform with several easy deployment options

    Easily create Web Apps and deploy them automatically anyware in the cloud (AWS, Microsoft ,Google, SAP and more!).Use the already defined model to create Multiplatform Native Mobile Apps being capable of deploy to Google Play Store, iOS AppStore and Huawei App Gallery. Double your productivity delivering Multiexperience to the users of your Apps!

  • Huge integration capabilities

    Integrate your apps through a wide variety of mechanisms to ecosystems suchs as SAP, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce or services available through Rest, GRPC, SOAP, ODATA protocols. Take advantage of GeneXus import tools that will simplify the way you integrate your app.Use GeneXus' API Object to define an API Layer in your applications in order to expose resources for external systems to consume.

  • Proven Mission Critical Applications

    GeneXus is a perfect fit to create the most important applications in the core of your business, those that need to be up and running no matter what!

  • Licensing Model (by Dev seat) [No Run-Time Costs]

    Unique developer-based licensing model. Forget about end users, apps created, and project sizes, the sky is the limit! You only need to add licenses as your dev team grows!

  • Future proof proven by more than 30 years of success

    GeneXus has been providing  technical solutions throught time for all type of business, allowing them define their needs and the business knowledge independently of the technological trends of each period. 
    This means you no longer need to re-write applications from scratch since you can reause the knowledge already defined!
    Therefore, evolution is easier and cheaper once disruptive technological change occurs.