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Digital Process Automation

Efficiency, versioning and automation
Simplify, automate and optimize your company’s processes and system development with our Business Process Management and Optimization Suite.

Graphic process modeling

Model your business processes.

Automate it

Integrate systems and generate the aplication with GeneXus™.


Control, Oversee and Manage your business processes.


Easily detect improvement opportunities and repeat the process.


Quickly adapt your systems and processes in response to the changing business needs.


Swiftly see all the changes in action, for a lower cost than the traditional development alternatives.


Be aware of the exact status and results of your business processes, anytime, anywhere.

Some of our BPMS Clients

A Suite for continuous improvement

  • Business Units

    Empower your Business Units with the ability to quickly respond to market demands and adapt to change with lower costs.

  • Business Analysts

    Give your Business Analyst the tools to keep your business processes optimized.

  • Processes Analysts

    Enable Process Analysts with the tools to improve the process workflow, mapping your reality to the process.

  • IT Departament

    Help IT to deliver flexible solutions on time and in a agile and iterative continuous improvement process.

  • Workforce (Web y Mobile)

    Allow your Workforce to access via web and mobile, to easily take care of the business no matter where they are.

  • Clients

    Improve your users experience with your services and adapt them to their needs in every situation.

Suite Features

  • Business Process Management

    Model, automate, manage and optimize your business processes.

  • System Generation

    Automatically generate the application you modeled, no coding needed.

  • Multilingual

    Support users in multiple lenguages and locations.

  • Business Rules Definition

    Model your business rules in a declarative, straightforward language with GeneXus.

  • Integrating and Extending

    Extend your systems and integrate external systems to your process easily using GeneXus.

  • Cross-Platform

    Automatically generate programs and databases for the platform your clients are using.

  • Compatible (interoperability)

    Take advantage of the complete document  compatibility through XPDL and BPMN standards.

  • Process Versioning

    Introduce changes into the processes, validate or quickly go back to older versions.

  • Easy Customization

    Customize your Inbox through GXBPM API and adapt it to your particular needs with ease.

  • Document Management

    Include the management of your documents as part of your business processes. Digitally sign, improve the velocity, and reduce costs.

  • High Connectivity

    Get work done, wherever you are: access the Task Inbox from the web or a mobile device.

  • Adaptability

    Enable your users to change the processes execution, making everyday ad-hoc decisions.

  • Collaboration

    Delegate, collaborate and divide tasks among multiple users, routinely or in special situations (out of the office).

  • Role-based security

    Manage the authentication and authorisation of your system through users and roles (RBAC).

  • Scalable

    Start with a few users and scale acording to the needs and business opportunities.

  • Business Activity Monitoring

    Get the Reports and Analytics to detect and leverage improvement opportunities.

  • Easy Deployment

    Deploy your company´s processes without complications. With GeneXus you´ll be just one click away!

  • Maintenance and Evolution

    Easily improve your systems and adapt them to reality with an agile development approach.

Core Components

Business Process Modeler

GeneXus™ for Automation

Learn more about the power of GeneXus™

GXflow for Administration

The inbox you can access everywhere from

GXquery for Deep Analysis

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