GeneXus for Super Apps
Would you like to turn your iOS or Android app into a Super App or create one from scratch? GeneXus is the first and only Low-Code development platform that allows you to scale your business by adding new revenue streams to your current app and achieve massive adoption.
It's time to empower your business with Super Apps
If you have an app with more than 500k users, it's time to take the next step. Create a digital ecosystem that offers a wide range of services and products –both proprietary and third-party– to enhance the offerings and benefits for your user base, build loyalty, and increase business opportunities.
Provide a unique user experience
Generate new revenue streams
Improve services for users
Promote cross-selling
Increase your community engagement
Increase app usage and reach
Leverage your app with third-party products/services
Achieve incredibly fast time-to-market
Open your app to multiple opportunities
GeneXus provides all the components and technology to build a Super App from scratch or turn your current application into one.
GeneXus Super App Render
Turn your current mobile application into a Super App with a Mini App Render that invokes and displays the Mini App to users. All this without the need to install the Mini App.
GeneXus 18
Take advantage of the full potential of our Low-Code platform to design and develop the first Mini Apps that will be available in your Super App, as well as to maintain and evolve them in the future.
GeneXus Mini App Center
Catalog, manage, and control the list of Mini Apps that will be offered in the Super App. You can provide or revoke developer credentials at any time.
Why choose GeneXus for Super Apps?
Independent, native Mini Apps ecosystem
GeneXus enables you to create an ecosystem where Mini Apps can run as standalone native applications that are independent of the Super App and can even be developed by third parties. The result is an improved end-user experience.
The Most Flexible and Efficient Development Platform
With over 35 years of dedicated research and development, we've crafted a platform boasting extensive integrations, support for numerous languages, and compatibility with a wide range of databases. Our focus is on delivering mission-critical solutions tailored to businesses across various industries, markets, and languages.
Developer documentation portal
It is fully functional and customized, with content specifically tailored to the needs of your company and the developers who will work on the creation and evolution of Mini Apps.
Premium services
To help you quickly go to market, we offer support for developing your first native and secure Mini Apps, leveraging all the power and experience of GeneXus generating this type of applications.
Powered by Globant
GeneXus is now part of Globant, so our clients can count on their support in the most challenging projects of business transformation and reinvention.
Driving evolution through simplicity
With GeneXus Render technology, you can turn your application into a Super App at unprecedented speed.
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Super Apps in action

Super Apps are successful in various key industries and change the way people interact with our applications in everyday life.
Recreation and Tourism
Create a unified platform for your users to access different products and services. Offer a complete and secure experience.
Offer a seamless and comprehensive shopping experience, from browsing to paying for products and services, in order to build customer retention and loyalty.
Attract and engage sports fans by providing an end-to-end experience that allows them to purchase event tickets and merchandising, access real-time broadcasts, book and buy tickets, and much more, all in one place.
The adoption of Super Apps in government facilitates the efficient delivery of public services through access to information and administrative formalities, thus improving citizen participation and transparency.
Improve patient care and engagement with a Super App that covers a wide range of health-related services.
Recreation and Tourism
Allow travelers to plan itineraries and book flights, accommodation, and activities. In addition, provide local guides and recommendations to enhance the overall travel experience.
Super Apps: The Complete Guide
If you want to further deepen your knowledge about Super Apps, we invite you to consult our complete guide, where you'll find answers to all your questions.
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