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Since its beginnings in the late 80s, GeneXus has always been committed to revolutionizing software development using AI technology. That's why the GeneXus Low-Code Platform is an expert system that has been using symbolic AI since its inception to create and evolve software, and now incorporates Generative AI to reinvent your business and accelerate processes.
The AI Revolution
At GeneXus, we’re ideally positioned to understand the importance of the current AI revolution, which involves leveraging artificial intelligence technology to improve business processes, products, and services.
One of the most significant changes in the industry is the emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI. These models are designed to process natural language text at scale, using deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and neural networks.
What are Large Language Models (LLMs)?
Large Language Models are a type of artificial intelligence model designed to process natural language text at scale. These models are trained on massive amounts of text data, such as books, articles, and websites, using techniques like deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and neural networks. They are very good at tasks such as text generation, translation, sentiment analysis, question answering.

In addition, they are highly proficient at understanding the intention behind a request and can generate a plausible, well-written response based on that intention.
LLMs and GeneXus: unlocking new worlds of possibility
By combining LLMs and GeneXus we can unlock three new worlds in software development: how we create software, what kind of software we create and how we manage and evolve this system.
How should people create a system?
Today, we have changed how we create software by using natural language. This revolutionary approach to software development enables users to create a system using natural language through AI Assistants.

The Assistants understand what the user desires, generate a GeneXus model for the application, and then use GeneXus code generators to create and deploy the application. This means that people without technical knowledge can create systems easily, quickly, and efficiently, and provides an application model for technical users to evolve using the GeneXus Low-Code Platform.
How you manage and evolve Enterprise AI Systems
Managing and evolving Enterprise AI Systems has never been easier than it is now with GeneXus Enterprise AI. It is purpose-built to tackle the challenges of integrating AI services into applications. It provides a user-friendly, provider-independent, and future-proof interface for applications. In addition, GeneXus Enterprise AI comes with ready-to-use templates for various use cases, including search and chat functionality to handle unstructured private information.
What kind of systems will we need to create in the future?
With the emergence of Generative AI and LLMs, we are now on the verge of a UX revolution in software systems that is bigger than the one brought by the iPhone. This revolution will give rise to a new kind of software UX called AI Enterprise Systems.

These systems leverage LLMs and other AI technologies to enable the emergence of four new interaction patterns: Chat to Explore Contents, Chat to Analyze Intent-Based UI Navigation and Magic Auto-Complete. These patterns represent the future of UX, providing users with a more intuitive and seamless experience than ever before.
Unlock new possibilities with GenAI
At GeneXus, we believe in the power of Generative AI to transform the world of software development. Our commitment to innovation means that we are always looking for new ways to improve our software development processes and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.