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Automated testing

automated testing for better applications

GXtest is a product built together
with our GeneXus Platform Partner: Abstracta

Catch bugs earlier and reduce cycle times by running tests automatically in your pipeline, achieving CI/CD. GXtest allows you to easily test different components of your app from batch processes to user interfaces.  


Use GeneXus IDE to automatically create tests based on your model. Find bugs quickly and share your test assets in GXServer.

Designed for CI/CD

All tests are designed to run unattended over any Continuous Integration server like Jenkins.

Release with confidence

Gather real evidence of what was actually tested in each production stage of your application.

Why GXtest™?

  • Maximize code coverage

    Debug your tests in IDE and maximize code coverage with Unit, Component, Integration (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • On-Premises and Cloud testing

    UI tests run on top of the WebDriver protocol, which means that you can provision your browsers on-premises (with Selenium) or use popular cloud testing platforms.
  • GeneXus philosophy

    Tests written are part of your knowledge base which allows testing to be up-to-date with development versions.
  • Harness DevOps

    Test automation is a must for adopting DevOps practices and the core of continuous delivery to achieve shorter and faster cycles.

Success Stories

“GXtest prompted us to undertake a methodological change that allowed us to approach the DevOps culture. We had to redefine processes in all work teams to make automation sustainable over time. We realized that the problem was not the people or the tools, but how people managed the tasks.”

Juan Juncal

Technology Manager - VUCE
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