DevOps with GeneXus Server

Collaboration, Versioning, Deployment and Control
Speed up your software development with GeneXus™ Server. Version management and automated knowledge integration, with the whole solution on the server.


on a local copy, as the only developer, or as part of a team.


any changes easily and receive changes made by others, at the time most convenient to you.


frozen versions and development branches.


the project’s advance, including historical information with details on all changes made.


the testing set up anddeploy by integrating GeneXus™ Server with continuous integration servers.

Find out about our three options and choose the one most convenient to you.

  • GeneXus™ Server SaaS

    It includes all the potential of GeneXus™ Server, with services leased in the cloud.
    Includes installation and several plans, each with specific features: Enterprise, Professional or ISVs. 

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  • GeneXus™ Server Local

    Buy a license and install yourself (paying the purchase price plus yearly maintenance costs). This is the ideal option for organizations in search of better controls for their IT infrastructure.

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  • Public GeneXus™ Server

    The GeneXus™ community may perform tests or share knowledge bases in our public servers (Sandbox, Open, and Samples). This option is costless and has an unlimited number of knowledge bases.

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Benefits and reasons for using GeneXus™ Server

  • Version management

    The server keeps all development branches and version “frozen”. All that is needed in the development KB is just the branch over which the changes will be made. Commits may be monitored to dissipate build processes, test execution, deployments, etc.
  • Enhanced collaboration environment

    Team work is a lot easier, and integrating the project is automatic, and it all comes down to sending and receiving changes.

    No administrator is then necessary.
  • History records

    GeneXus™ Server stores all data relative to changes (when and why they were made).
    History records are very useful to comprehend how objects evolved, as well as for identifying the changes that could have possible produced an error, so that it may be quickly solved.
  • Assurance to avoid material lost

    If we have an adequate backup policy for KBs in the server and do commit regularly, then the possible losses due to disc failures, stolen notebooks, or other incidents, will cease to be a permanent risk.
  • At any time, from anywhere

    With GeneXus™ Server developers may obtain an updated copy of the server from any location. For instance, they may have a local KB at the office and another copy at home, with the possibility of synchronizing them through GeneXus™ Server.

  • Project Monitoring

    The GeneXus™ Server console allows the inclusion, in the project, of managers or customers for whom we are working (who are parties involved even when they do not have any developing activity), so as to enable them to supervise the system’s development.
  • Quick and uncostly inclusion in the team

    New members may join the team in a simple and immediate manner, since there are no requirements relative to administrative processes.
    When delays are reduced and the focus is kept strictly on the business, it is possible to cut down costs.
  • Freedom to experiment

    In their local KB, developers may test and experiment freely, since the “official” version will remain secure because to impact changes an explicit commit is required.
  • KB Inspection online

    GeneXus™ Server provides a web console that enables us to inspect the KBs, the contents in their objects, and the activity relative to changes made. To do that we only need a browser and GeneXus™ is not necessary.