Success story

Software and Ecology: Electric Vehicles from CRRC Electric

Established in 2007, CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (CRRC Electric) is an environmentally friendly enterprise, and the first high-tech company specialized in R&D for electric vehicle manufacturing in China. Over the course of 15 years, it has designed, built and marketed thousands of these vehicles, positively impacting the reduction of pollutant emissions.

With the future in mind, CRRC focuses on "Connecting the world for the benefit of humanity,” implements strategies involving globalization, diversification, and collaboration around the central themes of "innovation," "change" and "globalization," and consolidates its position as a high-end equipment supplier in the world of transportation.
CRRC provides products and services that help save energy and protect the environment with vehicles that are safe, cost-effective, smart, high-speed and comfortable. It uses the best technologies to provide the most complete and efficient solutions for the sustainable development of rail transport.

CRRC Electric products are currently exported to more than one hundred countries and regions in seven continents around the world. 

Increased productivity, efficiency, and systems integration with Low-Code platform

In 2018, CRRC Electric set out to rebuild its information platform to adapt to the rapid development the company was experiencing.
Among various technology tools offered by the software market for its digital transformation, it chose the GeneXus Low-Code platform, included in the full product suite: GeneXus, GeneXus Business Process management, GeneXus Server, GXtest and GeneXus For SAP Systems.

According to Alex Gao, a team member who worked on this project from GeneXus China, the most important reason why GeneXus was chosen is that "it offers rapid development and powerful functions. With GeneXus, we can develop web and app, use flow engine work and connect with SAP systems".
Over the years using GeneXus, CRRC Electric has developed many applications in order to deliver a technology platform suitable for a company engaged in the innovative electric vehicle industry.

Some of these solutions include a Web Portal, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), OA (Office Automation), MES (Manufacturing implementation system), ASS (After-sales service system), WMS (Storage system), Human resources (Human resource management), Process center system, and QMS (Quality management system).
"We used GeneXus to manage the collaborative office of the company, which was of great help in managing the company," adds Gao.
CRRC’s development team highlighted the following benefits of using GeneXus:

  • It helped them build an efficient technical team.
  • Their independent R&D capabilities have improved considerably.
  • Efficient work and high quality products have been consistently recognized.
Regarding how GeneXus for SAP helped with the ERP integration, Gao says that the connection between GeneXus and SAP is very convenient because SAP functions can interact with the data directly after the import: "What would take an entire day with traditional development, it only takes about an hour with GeneXus".
Using GeneXus has helped them increase productivity. In 2018, relatively substantial adjustments were made to the company's information system, including network infrastructure migration, SAP system migration, and migration of multiple peripheral systems connected with SAP.
Due to the need for a unified technical architecture, the lack of technical personnel and the long time required to establish a traditional technical team, choosing a low code platform has become a way to achieve their goal quickly.
As a result, the use of GeneXus has helped them increase productivity while improving efficiency and systems integration. Last but not least, thanks to its ecological product translated into almost 50,000 vehicles, China has had an impact on reducing polluting emissions on the planet.