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  • The GeneXus Generator for .NET 8, the latest version released by Microsoft, is now available. In line with our commitment to remaining at the forefront of emerging technologies, we also announce that GeneXus will focus all updates on the .NET Generator, declaring the .NET Framework Generator as Legacy.

  • We are pleased to announce that 19 organizations from the Netherlands and other Latin American countries have joined the GeneXus Alliance network. With this strategic expansion, we continue to strengthen GeneXus's global presence, promoting innovation in software development.

  • During the GeneXus Meeting 2023, K2B Tools will present a talk on Artificial Intelligence, Design Systems, and User Experience. Additionally, they will have a booth where attendees can learn all about K2B Tools 15, its latest version, and the integration of AI to enhance the creation of user experiences.

  • This prominent presence at the event demonstrates WorkWithPlus and DVelop's commitment to the GeneXus community and their strong belief in the power of automation, productivity, and improving the user experience in software development.

  • GeneXus Platform Updates

    The updates include Conversational Development in GeneXus Next, new experiences and interaction capabilities in GeneXus Enterprise AI (code name SAIA), Super App generation, and over 500 enhancements in GeneXus 18.

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