• As part of the new training and educational resources for the GeneXus Community, today –two months after the launch of the GeneXus Webinars cycle– we celebrate reaching out to the entire world in 3 languages, with resources that support high-performance telecommuting in the software industry.

  • As 2019 comes to an end, 2020 kicks off in full process for the testing of the new GeneXus M! This new IDE brings along the Next Generation multi-platform power for developing GeneXus applications that may be executed not only from Windows, but also from Linux and MacOS, through the cloud. 
    Try out this advance!

  • Now you can navigate through the new site! We have a brand new design for online learning, featuring an interface focused on an excellent UX that includes digital students, and the possibility to buy courses and certifications online. 

  • The .NET Core generator enables you the possibility to use GeneXus for generating web applications that use Microsoft’s latest multi-platform language.

  • With this full API, the GeneXus Community is able to develop a web or smart device application to accept payments through the Internet in a very simple and safe way. Want to see an example and include this solution in your app right away?

  • GeneXus generates apps that enable you to connect, record and read data in a Blockchain; and most of all... you can already try it out! 
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