• We have incorporated Angular, one of the best front-end development frameworks, to add power and agility to our multi-experience approach. You are invited to try this great release candidate!

  • The course is available at and consists of 13 sections organized in 61 classes/videos lasting a total of 13 hours. Practice material, videos, and the option to learn more with the help of tutors, forums, and live classes.

  • Low-Code is one of the preferred topics of the authors; another trending topic is the Coronavirus UY Application, and there are also interesting articles on various topics which are essential for the software industry.

  • We are living in an unprecedented situation. Today, we are not striving to adapt to technological advances but to the world itself, which is evolving even faster because of the pandemic.

  • It includes all the new functionalities added since GXportal 6.0! This new version is packed with the features and improvements added to GXportal, including its flagship feature: Stencils, which increase productivity when building pages.