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  • For each public instance of GeneXus Server (Samples, Sandbox and Open), there will be a single installation offering a unified catalog of KBs to be used with GeneXus 15 or more recent versions. This will simplify the content organization, and will avoid the need for migration processes when upgrading projects to new versions. Likewise, and as part of this restructuring, the services associated with discontinued versions (X Evolution 1, X Evolution 2, and X Evolution 3) will be cancelled in due time.

  • Which were the 5 most viewed webinars in the GeneXus 2020 webinar series? Let's review this valuable content on topics such as mission critical and Low Code, mobile apps and chatbots, multi-experience, DevOps, testing and more.

  • We say goodbye to 2020 with a new version of GeneXus that is battlefield-proven: GeneXus 17. In addition, many updated resources are available for the GeneXus Community: webinars, courses, white papers, technical articles in the GeneXus blog, and success stories from all over the world. Let’s take a look back at this year, which was as unusual as it was productive!

  • The course is available at training.genexus.com and consists of 13 sections organized in 61 classes/videos lasting a total of 13 hours. Practice material, videos, and the option to learn more with the help of tutors, forums, and live classes.