• It comes with an API to incorporate 3D models in augmented reality, and new developments for GeneXus Server, Web, iOS, and Android. Another piece of good news is that the .NET and .NET Core standard function code has been opened on Github.

  • It brings a new generator for .NET Core 3.1, build process optimizations and security updates, as well as enhancements to the IDE, testing and web / mobile development  (including updates for iOS that will be mandatory from April 2020).

  • There is a growing demand for GeneXus Analysts worldwide, and knowledge of GeneXus is a sought-after advantage in the labor market because of its flexibility, productivity, and low-code development capabilities.

  • Do you want to upgrade your skills from GeneXus 15 to GeneXus 16? Do it now with these 26 video tutorials of GeneXus Training.

  • As 2019 comes to an end, 2020 kicks off in full process for the testing of the new GeneXus M! This new IDE brings along the Next Generation multi-platform power for developing GeneXus applications that may be executed not only from Windows, but also from Linux and MacOS, through the cloud. 
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