• We say goodbye to 2020 with a new version of GeneXus that is battlefield-proven: GeneXus 17. In addition, many updated resources are available for the GeneXus Community: webinars, courses, white papers, technical articles in the GeneXus blog, and success stories from all over the world. Let’s take a look back at this year, which was as unusual as it was productive!

  • It brings a new generator for .NET Core 3.1, build process optimizations and security updates, as well as enhancements to the IDE, testing and web / mobile development  (including updates for iOS that will be mandatory from April 2020).

  • There is a growing demand for GeneXus Analysts worldwide, and knowledge of GeneXus is a sought-after advantage in the labor market because of its flexibility, productivity, and low-code development capabilities.

  • Do you want to upgrade your skills from GeneXus 15 to GeneXus 16? Do it now with these 26 video tutorials of GeneXus Training.

  • As 2019 comes to an end, 2020 kicks off in full process for the testing of the new GeneXus M! This new IDE brings along the Next Generation multi-platform power for developing GeneXus applications that may be executed not only from Windows, but also from Linux and MacOS, through the cloud. 
    Try out this advance!

  • Now you can navigate through the new site! We have a brand new design for online learning, featuring an interface focused on an excellent UX that includes digital students, and the possibility to buy courses and certifications online. 

  • The .NET Core generator enables you the possibility to use GeneXus for generating web applications that use Microsoft’s latest multi-platform language.