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  • For each public instance of GeneXus Server (Samples, Sandbox and Open), there will be a single installation offering a unified catalog of KBs to be used with GeneXus 15 or more recent versions. This will simplify the content organization, and will avoid the need for migration processes when upgrading projects to new versions. Likewise, and as part of this restructuring, the services associated with discontinued versions (X Evolution 1, X Evolution 2, and X Evolution 3) will be cancelled in due time.

  • Low-Code is one of the preferred topics of the authors; another trending topic is the Coronavirus UY Application, and there are also interesting articles on various topics which are essential for the software industry.

  • We are living in an unprecedented situation. Today, we are not striving to adapt to technological advances but to the world itself, which is evolving even faster because of the pandemic.

  • It includes all the new functionalities added since GXportal 6.0! This new version is packed with the features and improvements added to GXportal, including its flagship feature: Stencils, which increase productivity when building pages.

  • As part of the new training and educational resources for the GeneXus Community, today –two months after the launch of the GeneXus Webinars cycle– we celebrate reaching out to the entire world in 3 languages, with resources that support high-performance telecommuting in the software industry.