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How to Watch GX30 Live and What You Need to Know?

The GeneXus Meeting, the largest and most important technological event in Latin America, is about to begin. Below, we share all the details for you to make the most of the thirtieth edition.

The most anticipated date of the year has arrived. It is expected that around 3,500 people from all over the world will attend the GeneXus Meeting - GX30 in person, the most important Technology, Innovation, and Business Event in Latin America.

In this note, we'll go over everything you need to consider to experience GX30:
  • The GeneXus Meeting 2023 will take place at the Convention Center of the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay, from Tuesday, November 28th, until Thursday, November 30th.
  • Admission to the event is free. Only online registration is required.
  • During these three days, the sessions will start at 9 in the morning and end at 6 PM (UTC-3), except on Wednesday, the 29th, which will start half an hour earlier with an open Q&A session for the GeneXus support team.
  • Access is flexible. Participants can enter and exit the event facilities as they wish, adapting their participation according to their schedules and personal preferences.
  • Those needing authorization for attendance can edit and share this Justification Letter.
  • For those attending the in-person event:
- They will have direct interaction with the speakers and experts leading the conferences and panels.

- Networking opportunities with attendees, exchanging contacts and establishing valuable connections that could lead to future collaborations.

- Meeting representatives from brands sponsoring the event.

There will also be a lactation room to provide a safe, quiet, and welcoming space for nursing mothers attending the GeneXus Meeting.

For those needing a quiet space, the Serenity Space will be available—a calm and cozy retreat designed for those seeking a moment of peace and relaxation amidst the intensity of the event. This space will feature comfortable seating, soft lighting, and aromatherapy to provide a sensory experience of calmness and well-being.

  • The theme for this year is "What’s Next?", more than a question, it’s an invitation to explore everything happening with Artificial Intelligence.
  • This year, there will be conferences and technical sessions on topics of interest such as AI, Super Apps, Design, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Business and Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity, and more. Follow the links below to explore the Program and Talks.
  • This edition will feature the participation of over 100 speakers, including Nicolás Jodal, Breogán Gonda, Martín Migoya, Ichak Adizes, Maria Noel Riccetto, José Elías, among others. Check out the. Check out the complete list of speakers
  • All GeneXus Encounters are special, but this one is unique for several reasons:
- It is GeneXus's first major in-person event in 3 years.

- It is the first event to be held in collaboration with Globant.

- And it will be the perfect occasion to unveil our new product, an Artificial Intelligence-driven solution that will radically change the way software is developed and maintained. This innovation will be a milestone in the technology industry, opening new possibilities for professionals and companies.

  • The GX30 refers to the thirtieth edition, making it one of the most significant software-related events in Latin America. You can read the history of the First GeneXus Meeting at the following link.
  • This year, the decision was made to create the GX30 Super App to provide access to exclusive content, personalized agendas, AI assistance, and much more. Download it on the Apple Store and Google Play

For more information about the event, visit: genexus.com/GX30.

For press inquiries and interviews, contact: