GeneXus Paraguay Meeting 2024 returns

It will be a great opportunity to interact directly with GeneXus leaders and Partners, as well as to learn about the latest innovations and trends in GeneXus technology.

The GeneXus Paraguay Meeting returns this year to bring together developers, technology enthusiasts, and leaders from all industries, in a unique event that will take place on Monday, August 12, starting at 2:00 PM, at the Sheraton Asunción Hotel.

During the event, participants will have the chance to interact with prominent GeneXus leaders and Partners, including Nicolás Jodal, CEO of the organization.

"We are excited to meet once again in Paraguay to discuss the future of software development. We are living in an exciting time where Generative Artificial Intelligence is radically transforming the way companies develop their systems. We are ready to lead this wave of innovation by providing companies with the necessary tools to effectively integrate AI into their operations," says Jodal.

Ricardo Bisordi, Director of SISA, the Official Distributor of GeneXus in Paraguay, also expressed his enthusiasm for the event: "GeneXus not only provides cutting-edge technology but also offers support and a strategic vision that allows Paraguayan companies to keep up with global trends in software development."

The GeneXus Paraguay 2024 Meeting will feature talks by international speakers, including Armin Bachmann (GeneXus Product Manager), who will present the latest news on GeneXus 18 and GeneXus Next Edition.

Eugenio García, who will talk about the latest developments in GeneXus Enterprise AI, the platform that facilitates the implementation of customized AI assistants at every stage of the development lifecycle, and Jaime Gonzalez (Sales Director), who will explore how to scale conventional applications to Super Apps. Álvaro de Barros (K2B), Pablo Collazo (K2Btools) and Sofia Maiolo (WorkWithPlus)complete the agenda.

The event is in-person and free of charge but requires prior online registration. Spaces are limited. If you are in Paraguay, we invite you to secure your participation here: GeneXus Paraguay 2024 Event.