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Mini Apps and 3 GeneXus Consulting talks you can't miss at GX30

GeneXus Consulting created the Digital Leaders Mini App for the Super App of the GeneXus 2023 event. Through this app, attendees can assess and understand how their organization is handling digital transformation processes.

GeneXus Consulting, a leader in digital transformation through innovative technological solutions, will sponsor the GeneXus Meeting - GX30 event from >November 28th to 30th at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

One of the highlights of this edition is the GX30 Super App, designed to offer attendees a comprehensive event experience. For this Super App, GeneXus Consulting developed two Mini Apps.

One will enable GeneXus Consulting speakers to interact with the audience through surveys.

The other Mini App is Digital Leaders, created to identify keys to success in digital transformation processes. Through this Mini App, attendees can answer a short questionnaire and receive the diagnosis via email.

"It's always an honor to be part of the GeneXus Meeting. It's a standout space to share knowledge, connect with colleagues, and explore innovations shaping the future of software development," says Lorena Veiga, Business Development Manager at GeneXus Consulting.

Throughout the three-day event, representatives from GeneXus Consulting will be available to chat over coffee, welcoming inquiries, challenges, and collaboration opportunities.

"Connecting with industry experts sharing their knowledge gives us the chance to stay at the forefront of each sector's developments," says Sebastián Peralta, Account Manager at GeneXus Consulting.

During the event, GeneXus Consulting will offer the following talks:

Tuesday, November 28th  
Software Architects and DevOps specialists, Matías Maldonado and Sebastián Garciarena, will explain how to generate and validate a GeneXus application for automated deployment in any environment, employing continuous integration and DevSecOps methodologies.

Wednesday, November 29th  
Sebastián Passaro, computer engineer and security leader at GeneXus Consulting, will share the most critical vulnerabilities found in applications using LLM and practical recommendations from the OWASP Top 10 for LLM.

Lorena Veiga and Sebastián Peralta will unveil the steps companies should take to systematically and simply evaluate and adopt new technologies.

About GeneXus Consulting

GeneXus Consulting is a software company specializing in GeneXus technology, constructing digital solutions for organizational transformation and competitive advantages.

GeneXus Consulting supports organizations in technological updates, providing insurance to stay updated with the latest GeneXus version, thus avoiding digital obsolescence and possible security breaches.

As part of this comprehensive commitment, GeneXus Consulting assists clients in understanding and enhancing the security status of their applications. They recently launched a cybersecurity service with 3 differential plans, tailored to each organization's needs.

Highlighted services include:
  Designs and develops tailored digital solutions, prioritizing user and customer experiences, promoting and facilitating technology adoption and change.
  Boasts specialized teams offering technological outsourcing services: development, testing, security, etc.
  • Specialized Consulting
Offers specialized consultancy: IT service design, security, architecture.
  Supports organizations in technologically renewing and evolving their digital solutions to new GeneXus versions..
  Their Security Area holds extensive technical experience in conducting security assessments (Pentest, Ethical Hacking, and Vulnerability Assessment) in organizations.

GeneXus Consulting turns technology into results.

Discover more about their activities by following them on social media: LinkedIn, Instagram, X, YouTube y Facebook.