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Meet the sponsors of the GeneXus Meeting - GX30

AWS, BigCheese, K2B Tools, Montevideo COMM, WorkWithPlus + DVelop, are some of the standout brands that will be present at the thirtieth edition of the GeneXus Meeting - GX30.

The GeneXus Meeting - GX30, recognized as the most important innovation and business event in Latin America, celebrates its 30th anniversary with the support of industry leaders in technology.

The GX30, taking place from Tuesday, November 28th, to Thursday, November 30th, at the Convention Center of the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay, will bring together technology experts, business leaders, and developers from around the world to explore the latest trends in software, leadership, and digital transformation.

"The presence of influential brands joining us at the GX30 represents technological forefront and reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. Their participation in the event will not only enhance attendees' experience but also marks a milestone in solidifying the GX30 as a hub for disruptive ideas and strategic collaborations that will shape the future of the technology and business sector," details María Laura Marrero, GX30 Leader.

Among the sponsors participating in the GX30 are:  

  • AWS the world's most adopted cloud, and BigCheese, a software development and consulting services company.
  • K2BTools, comprised of an R&D team specialized in building tools that automate best development practices, incorporating innovative technologies into GeneXus applications.
  • Montevideo COMM develops innovative technological solutions and current content for the internet. From Uruguay, it collaborates with partners, creating projects that blend technology, communication, current affairs, and culture.
  • WorkWithPlusis a suite of tools to enhance applications, and DVelop is a custom software development company.

  • Cinur is a company that spans from digitizing a VHS cassette to outfitting an entire international congress.
  • GeneXus Consulting is a software company specialized in GeneXus technology, building digital solutions for organizational transformation and the development of competitive advantages.
  • INCO has over 45 years of helping clients improve competitiveness and profitability through human professional value and integration of industry-leading technologies.
  • Migrate is a leading technology company with 18 years of experience in managing and issuing electronic fiscal documents.
  • QAlified has over 30 years of helping improve software quality for governments and businesses worldwide.
  • Qlik is a data integration platform with Active Intelligence, and QBIC is a company specializing in comprehensive data project management.
  • INTERFASE specializes in developing and supplying IT and telecommunications solutions for the corporate market.

To learn more about the event, visit the website genexus.com/GX30.