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GeneXus Next, GeneXus Enterprise AI, and the Future of Software

Discover the standout announcements from the GeneXus Meeting - GX30.

In a historic milestone for the software industry, during the GeneXus Meeting - GX30, Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus, presented the vision of the future of Software development with GeneXus Next and increased Artificial Intelligence at every stage of the software creation, delivery, and maintenance process.

Among the key announcements were GeneXus Next Edition, he future of the software development platform, and GeneXus Enterprise AI, the backbone for connecting Enterprise Systems with Large Language Models (LLM) based Artificial Intelligence.

Below, we unveil the most significant announcements from GX30:

1. GeneXus Next Edition

GeneXus Next Edition is the evolution of GeneXus' Low-Code software development platform. It signifies the integration of the Artificial Intelligence revolution into every aspect of the Enterprise Software Development, Delivery, and Maintenance process. It will enter beta in the first quarter of 2024, with global availability expected in the second quarter.

GeneXus Next adds Generative AI to the Symbolic AI used by GeneXus for over 30 years, making GeneXus the only company in the market leveraging these two technologies for delivering Mission-Critical Systems.

Beyond GeneXus' traditional development platform capabilities, GeneXus Next introduces a series of distinctive features and functionalities, including:

AI Based

With GeneXus Next, developers will be able to create applications by interacting and communicating conversationally with the platform, seamlessly, and in their preferred language, through multiple AI assistants. This allows work to flow between a 'Low-Code' development environment, as GeneXus has been until now, and a conversational 'No-code' environment, based on the specific task being performed.

The importance of knowing programming languages is diminishing due to the advancement of software creation assistants. The vision is for our native language to become the programming language.

'Generative Artificial Intelligence signals that the next programming language will be natural language, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, among others. GeneXus Next Edition will maximize the use of natural language. From the beginning of the Knowledge Base to any process within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the assistants will enable developers to declare their intentions,' explains Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus.

Simplicity in the installation

GeneXus has always run on the Windows platform. Until now! During the GX30, GeneXus IDE Cross-Platform and Web, was introduced, a development environment that doesn't require installation, eliminating technical complexities and opening doors for more intuitive and agile software creation to a wider audience. This new IDE can be used without installation or with a very simple installation on any platform (Web, Mac, Windows).

Maximum Adoption with 'Freemium' Model

With a new evolution of the platform comes an evolution in the purchasing model. GeneXus Next Edition will be available for any user without initial costs. In other words, it will be free for developers with some minor usage limitations. The evolution to a freemium option will be subscription-based and usage-dependent, allowing developers, regardless of their location or resources, to access GeneXus tools and start using them without barriers, to boost their creativity and build innovative solutions.

To learn more about GeneXus Next Edition, we invite you to watch the talks:

2. GeneXus Enterprise AI

For the creation of the Artificial Intelligence assistants of GeneXus Next, we've developed a new product that will be essential for incorporating AI into enterprise software systems: GeneXus Enterprise AI.

This innovative solution enables the construction of streamlined Modern Enterprise Solutions with AI—centralized, secure, observable, and easily scalable—while maintaining GeneXus' distinctive philosophy of simplicity, agnosticism, and future-proofing.

GeneXus Enterprise AI stands as the central axis that facilitates the connection between businesses and the most advanced Language Models, providing a monitored and robust platform for the agile creation of personalized and adaptive AI assistants, all while ensuring data management and protection.

"GeneXus Enterprise AI enables organizations to create technology-agnostic AI solutions, business-centric, maintaining independence and capable of integrating with enterprise data," adds Jodal.

To learn more about GeneXus Enterprise AI, we invite you to watch the following presentations:

3. New Figma Plugins

With the aim of ensuring a current and cohesive design experience, GeneXus continues to enhance the efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness of design systems, particularly those linked to enterprise environments.

As part of this effort, several new tools were introduced to facilitate the integration of design into GeneXus.

The first quarter of 2024 is set for the release of the initial version of GeneXus Prototyper, which will assist designers in expediting the process of adjusting designs created in Figma for importing into GeneXus.

The second is GeneXus GEMA, slated for release in the first weeks of 2024, which will utilize AI to simplify the creative process of prototyping and designing corporate applications, as well as their incorporation into GeneXus models for application generation.

For further details on GeneXus' advancements with Figma, you can watch the talks: