Design with AI: Introducing GeneXus Design Assistant for Figma

GeneXus Design Assistant is installed like any other plugin in Figma and is used directly within that platform.

We announce to our community that we have released the first beta version of GeneXus Design Assistant (codename: GEMA), a revolutionary plugin for Figma that utilizes Generative Artificial Intelligence to simplify and accelerate the design process for solutions developed with GeneXus.

GeneXus Design Assistant, unlike other plugins emerging in the market to assist designers in the design process, has the particularity of leveraging the business description stored in the GeneXus™ Knowledge Base to generate the design solution.

The magic of GeneXus Design Assistant lies in the application of Generative Artificial Intelligence assistants at each stage of the design process. Through prompts, the designer indicates the desired characteristics for the different design stages required for an application, including the Frontend.

Once the design is generated in Figma, the designer has the flexibility to make the necessary visual adjustments to meet client requirements.

GeneXus Design Assistant can be found in the official Figma store by searching for 'GeneXus'.

"With GeneXus Design Assistant, we are redefining the way solutions are conceived and developed. This plugin accelerates the design process and streamlines teamwork," highlights Mauro Canziani, Head of Design at GeneXus.

In this link you can find the documentation and guides on how to install and use it.

For more details on GeneXus's advancements with Figma, you can watch the talks: