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Success story


Learning platform on the Internet with GeneXus

IMER is a free education provider for healthcare professionals; a private institution dedicated to research and to providing training to medical staff specialized in oncology. To support its goal, it offers free courses for participants financed through scientific grants awarded by the pharmaceutical industry. The portal is characterized by containing a wide variety of multimedia contents aimed at spreading scientifically relevant information and keeping the medical staff's skills up-to-date. In addition, it administers tests and gives certifications of continuing education, which are required by law to doctors and nurses in the United States.

Thanks to the development carried out by in collaboration with IMER's IT Department, it was possible to successfully handle all the data involved in these events, such as registration to the events, management of paper data, webcasts and on-demand technology, creation and control of résumés, user reports in real time, certifications and program evaluations. The combination of GeneXus programming embedded in GXportal makes it possible to use all that information through a mixed CMS (GeneXus/Portal), thus reducing or eliminating the time dedicated by specialized staff (web administrators), leaving the task of publishing contents directly to end users.

Even though in the past IMER already used a standard Web system which had learning channels, the use of GeneXus and GXportal enabled them to significantly reduce the time needed to create online events, which –generated from lectures and other courses created by the scientific team– used to take an average of 30 days and now are completed in only 3 days, which is the equivalent to saying that productivity has been increased by 1000 %. In that regard, Angelo Nardone, IT director at IMER, said that: “The use of GXportal also increased the number of events within the country, as they grew from 200 to 600 in the same time frame.”