Enterprise Low-Code 2022
¡Descubre GeneXus 18!

Enterprise Low-Code 2022

Introducing GeneXus 18: The next-gen Software Development Platform
We present GeneXus 18, the new version of the Low-Code Development Platform that allows you to build more complex systems in a simpler and faster way, and still remain future proof.
Software Development
Chatbots with GeneXus 18
Danilo Alvarellos
Technological Challenges and the Future of Software Creation: GeneXus in the medium term
Gastón Milano
Business Process Management in GeneXus 18
Gonzalo Fernandez
Lucas Lazogue
Reporting with GeneXus 18
Karen Baz
Gustavo Martínez
Introducing GeneXus 18: The next-gen Software Development Platform
Armin Bachmann
Automating DevOps with GeneXus 18
José Lamas
Testing with GeneXus 18
Fabian Baptista
DesignOps Strategies: From Design to Code the GeneXus Way
Mauro Canzani
Gabriel Simonet
The Importance of nurturing a DevOps Culture
Florencia Polcaro
Amplify Design Value and Impact at Scale with DesignOps
Damián Salvia
Mauro Canzani
Super Apps & Mini Apps
What's the difference between Super Apps, Mini Apps and Mini-Programs?
Jaime González Presto
How does a Super App work and why are they shaping the future?
Pablo Mazzilli
Introducing the WeChat Mini-Programs Low-Code Generator
Luciano Silvera
Super Apps & Mini Apps with GeneXus 18
Pablo Mazzilli
Mission Critical & Highly Scalable Systems
Modern and Scalable Applications in the Cloud with GeneXus 18
Gonzalo Gallotti
Building Secure Applications in GeneXus 18
Alejandro Zeballos
Modeling Mission Critical Systems with GeneXus 18
Ana Berta
Creating Mission-critical Applications
Gastón Milano
First steps to create a core-banking system with GeneXus
Rodrigo Mendez
Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation
Keys for a successful migration to GeneXus 18
Silvia Keymetlian
Eternal youth for your code: Legacy Modernization with GeneXus
Luis Murillo
Using a Low-Code Platform to Speed-Up Your Legacy Modernization Project.
Sergio Prusky
Design Systems
Total Experience with GeneXus 18
Mauro Canziani
Federico Salomón
Unanimo Design System: Vision, Capabilities & Customization
Eugenio García
Fabian Bonilla
Modeling the UI & Design Systems with GeneXus 18
Martin Torrado
How to integrate a Design Team with GeneXus 18
Cecilia Passalacqua
Mauro Canziani
K2BTools with GeneXus 18
Federico Dominioni
Marie-France Bourgeois
WorkWithPlus with GeneXus 18
Sofia Maiolo
Joaquín Álvarez
The Power of Design
Javier Verdura
Upcoming Webinars & AMAs
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AMA: DevOps
Tuesday, November 1
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
AMA: Security for Mission Critical Systems
Thursday, November 3
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
AMA: GeneXus 18
Tuesday, November 8
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
AMA: Super Apps, Mini Apps & Mini-programs with GeneXus
Thursday, October 20
14 hrs. (UTC-3)
Changing the paradigm of auctions with the help of DVelop
Thursday, November 10
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
How xiku builds complex architectures with GeneXus
Tuesday, November 15
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
Agricultural trade and the digital transformation of its loAgricultural trade and the digital transformation of its logistics processesgistics processes
Thursday, November 17
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
AMA: With the WorkWithPlus Innovation & Development team
Tuesday, November 22
14:00 hrs. (UTC-3)
What's new in GeneXus 18?
This new version of GeneXus accompanies technological advances to provide the best experience in Web and Mobile platforms to companies, developers and end users.