Success story
Colore Textil
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After testing 3 different platforms... Brazilian textile ERP company chooses GeneXus for the 2nd time!

The first version of the company's management system had been developed in GeneXus 7.5. Later on, they set out to explore other technology platforms in order to find out which would be the ideal one for the digital transformation needed in their business. In short, the new version for the textile industry is being upgraded by migrating its platform to the latest GeneXus technologies.

The decision-makers at Colore Textil, a Brazilian ERP developed for the textile industry by the namesake company, boast extensive knowledge about the existing development platforms on the market.

Their solution was created in 1997, and its development was started with GeneXus. In 2010, they decided to try 3 other platforms in order to broaden their horizons and technological possibilities.

Three years later, they returned to GeneXus after confirming the high quality of the software and the way it had evolved over the years.

The business partners Paul Beduschi and Luciano Waltrick Martins say they knew GeneXus since 1993. They used GeneXus 7.5 to start developing and marketing their ERP, and kept updating their solution with new versions of GeneXus until 2010 when they decided to try other tools.

“We tried three different tools; one from Brazil, another one from the U.S. and a third one from France, but all of them had something that didn't work for us,” Waltrick explains. “The Brazilian solution had few technological resources. The American solution was good, but its approach didn’t suit our needs. Finally, the French solution was also very good, but we had many difficulties learning how to use it and there was little customer support available in Brazil.”

Therefore, once their research was complete, the partners of Colore Textil decided to upgrade their solution with the latest GeneXus technology and contacted BXT (Business Xtreme Technologies), an official GeneXus distributor in Brazil.

The new version is under development. Three programmers are involved in the project and the new ERP is planned to be ready by the end of 2017. “We have witnessed the great progress that the GeneXus platform has made since 2010 until today. The small number of professionals needed to achieve a quality solution and how time is greatly optimized are two benefits that have been very helpful to us. However, in my opinion, the most outstanding aspect is that the tool keeps pace with advances in technology, and there is no need to make continuous investments in training developers in new languages. This means a lot in terms of time and productivity,” Waltrick said.

At present, more than 25 companies in the textile industry are using the solution, which includes specific systems for woven fabrics, mesh rolls, dyeing, and garment making, as well as a financial system. Its main functions also include control of yarn composition, yarn stock, and raw and finished fabric stock by barcode, quality assurance and technical reports. In addition, it provides automation of factory processes and financial systems, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and treasury, among others.

Once the upgrade of Colore Textil ERP is complete, the developers' main objective is to increase its customer base and offer the tool in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. In this way, they would provide the entire structure to companies that would use the solution on the Internet.