AMA: GeneXus 18

About this webinar

Unanimo takes a big leap with GeneXus 18, presenting itself as default in the controls and in the entire GeneXus Suite. This open source and multipurpose Design System is catapulted with this update with the "future-proof" seal. 
Unanimo also stands out with new charts in the area of Reporting and dynamic Chatbots, based on natural language processing.
Regarding Angular, we are working on robustness to support more and more functionalities.
This version will also allow converting existing native applications, developed with other platforms or languages, into Super Apps. This scenario also contemplates the release of the Super Apps Center, which will be the manager for this digital ecosystem, and the Mini App Object and Mini App Generators components, for iOS and Android.
GeneXus 18 also includes improvements in scalability and cloud services, IT security, data modeling, BPM and language.
The best version of GeneXus is here.

About the instructor

  • Silvia Keymetlian

    Technical Support Manager

  • Armin Bachmann

    Product Manager de GeneXus | Co-Fundador de APDIF Aprendizaje Diferente