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Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation
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Eternal youth for your code: Legacy Modernization with GeneXus
GeneXus's challenge lies in how to modernize legacy systems and promote the Digital Transformation of a company in the best possible way, saving the knowledge and work already done.
Everything about Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation
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Eternal youth for your code: Legacy Modernization with GeneXus
Luis Murillo
Mauro Canziani
Keys for a successful migration to GeneXus 18
Silvia Keymetlian
Martin Torrado
Using a Low-Code Platform to Speed-Up Your Legacy Modernization Project.
Sergio Prusky
Fabian Bonilla
DesignOps Strategies: From Design to Code the GeneXus Way
Mauro Canziani
Gabriel Simonet
Amplify Design Value and Impact at Scale with DesignOps
Damián Salvia
Mauro Canziani
WorkWithPlus with GeneXus 18
Sofia Maiolo
Joaquín Álvarez
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AMA: GeneXus 18
Tuesday, November 8
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
Innovate in software
Legacy Systems Modernization
Business needs are always changing. Adapting to new requirements implies having a state-of-the-art, future-proof technology that is able to accompany these changes effectively. Does your organization need to innovate in software?
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