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Software Development
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Introducing GeneXus 18: The next-gen Software Development Platform
We present GeneXus 18, the new version of the Low-Code Development Platform that allows you to build more complex systems in a simpler and faster way, and still remain future proof.
Everything about Software Development
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Chatbots with GeneXus 18
Danilo Alvarellos
Technological Challenges and the Future of Software Creation: GeneXus in the medium term
Gastón Milano
Business Process Management in GeneXus 18
Gonzalo Fernandez
Lucas Lazogue
Reporting with GeneXus 18
Karen Baz
Gustavo Martínez
Introducing GeneXus 18: The next-gen Software Development Platform
Armin Bachmann
WorkWithPlus with GeneXus 18
Sofia Maiolo
Joaquín Álvarez
Webinars and Ask me Anything
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AMA: Modeling with GeneXus
Thursday, October 27
14.00 hrs. (UTC-3)
AMA: GeneXus 18
Tuesday, November 8
14.00 hrs. (UTC-3)
Software Development
All about Low-Code
Gartner estimates that by 2024, 65% of the world's applications will be developed with Low-Code, but what is this technology, and why is it so important for companies?
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