Design Systems
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Total Experience with GeneXus 18
Generate greater loyalty, greater trust and greater retention of clients, users and employees by modeling Total Experiences with GeneXus 18.
Everything about Design Systems
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Total Experience with GeneXus 18
Federico Salomón
Mauro Canziani
Modeling the UI & Design Systems with GeneXus 18
Diego Scaffo
Martin Torrado
Unanimo Design System: Vision, Capabilities & Customization
Eugenio García
Fabian Bonilla
How to integrate a Design Team with GeneXus 18
Cecilia Passalacqua
Mauro Canziani
K2BTools with GeneXus 18
Federico Dominioni
Marie-France Bourgeois
WorkWithPlus with GeneXus 18
Sofia Maiolo
Joaquín Álvarez
The Power of Design
Javier Verdura
Webinars and Ask me Anything
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AMA: Unanimo Design System
Tuesday, October 18
14.00 hrs. (UTC -3)
Design Ops
From Design to Operations
Increase quality and minimize the cost of implementing good design in software.
Design with GeneXus
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