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Reporting with GeneXus 18
Decision-making is a critical task in any company. Our systems generate large volumes of data that, in order to be used for decision-making, must be previously processed, ordered, and cleaned.
GeneXus provides two tools to make these tasks easier: the Query object, which allows querying the database, gathering information from certain indicators, adjusting them with dimensions, and presenting them in the most convenient way—in a table, graph or map. The Dashboard object, which organizes certain queries that are related to each other and displays them in one graphical representation.
With every version of GeneXus, we empower these two objects and enhance them with new scenarios. Let's see what's new in GeneXus 18!
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About the speakers
Karen Baz
R&D Software Developer at GeneXus
Gustavo Martínez
R&D Software Developer at GeneXus
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