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GX30: Discover the Keys to Business Success with Ichak Adizes

The creator of the Adizes Methodology®, the proven system for accelerating change and creating healthy, high-performance organizations, will be one of the keynote speakers at the 30th GeneXus Meeting.

Dr. Ichak Adizes, the world-renown consultant who developed the “Organizational Lifecycle” model to describe the stages companies go through as they grow and evolve, will be a keynote speaker at the GeneXus - GX30 Meeting, to be held on November 28-30, 2023, at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

This will be Dr. Adizes’ first time as a speaker in Uruguay. His presence is one of the reasons to attend GX30, the most important Technology, Innovation, and Business event in Latin America.

Dr. Adizes, who holds 21 honorary doctorates from 11 countries and was named one of the “Top 10 Communicators in the World” by PRovoke Media, is also the creator of “Organizational Vitamins,” a metaphorical concept that describes the elements an organization needs to stay healthy and function effectively. Sounds intriguing, right? With this methodology, it is possible to determine what vitamin is missing in a group and predict or detect what “disease” the organization has or may suffer from.

“Health should be the real goal of a company, because for short and long term profitability, a company must be healthy. A system is healthy if it is effective, if it produces the desired results for which it has been established in the short and the long term, and if it achieves those results in the most efficient way. To have a healthy organization, we need common vision and values, a diversified organizational structure to deliver the desired strategy, and to avoid destructive conflict in decision making,” affirms the author of books such as Management/Mismanagement Styles, Leading the Leaders, The Ideal Executive, and Managing Corporate Lifecycles, among others.

For Dr. Adizes, the key Organizational Vitamins (roles) are:

(P) Produce
The ability to produce results and meet objectives effectively and efficiently in the short term.

(A) Administer
The ability to administer resources and processes effectively, optimizing operational efficiency.

(E) Entrepreneur
The willingness and ability to take risks and seek opportunities for improvement and growth in the long run.

(I) Integrate
The ability to integrate people and teams, promoting collaboration and organizational cohesion.
The presence of Dr. Adizes in Uruguay marks an important moment in the Latin American business world. His participation will be a great opportunity to learn management skills from one of the best organizational consultants in the world.

For more information on speakers and everything related to the event, visit the GX30 website.

For inquiries, send an email to hello@genexus.com.

About the GeneXus Meeting

The GeneXus Meeting is an annual international event organized by GeneXus, which brings together technology experts, industry leaders, and software developers from around the world to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the field of application development and enterprise solutions.

Every year, more than 3500 people from all over the world gather in Montevideo, the city were GeneXus was created, to celebrate “The Power of Making Software.”

The GeneXus Meeting is free to attend and only requires online registration.

Under the slogan “What's Next?”, this year’s three-day event will offer more than 100 activities including multi-language conferences, workshops, exhibitions, awards, acknowledgments, gifts, networking activities, and more.