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GeneXus Platform Updates

The updates include Conversational Development in GeneXus Next, new experiences and interaction capabilities in GeneXus Enterprise AI (code name SAIA), Super App generation, and over 500 enhancements in GeneXus 18.

GeneXus, the Artificial Intelligence-based Software Development Platform designed to simplify and automate the tasks of creating, evolving, and maintaining mission-critical applications, now powered by AI, announces a series of updates and tools that enhance the platform and drive business growth while improving people's lives.

These advancements range from the ability to develop systems without writing code (No-Code) to the integration of Artificial Intelligence Assistants into applications, enabling users to query and interact with the system's data in real-time.

Here are the key highlights:

GeneXus Next: Conversational Development and Chat System

GeneXus Next is an Artificial Intelligence assistant that serves as a No-Code complement to GeneXus, allowing any user, even those without technical experience, to quickly create a working system from a natural language description of their business.

With the latest update, we continue to simplify the development of software solutions, especially in the early stages of data model design, enabling active and even autonomous participation by business analysts and citizen developers.

Through natural language conversations with the GeneXus Next assistant, it's now possible to model the system and arrive at a multi-experience, functional prototype within minutes. These generated applications also leverage the benefits of Generative AI and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), enabling conversational system navigation and the ability to interact with data through conversations.

GeneXus Next allows experimentation in defining and initially publishing business systems with unprecedented agility and simplicity. Furthermore, the Knowledge Base (the application model) created and used by GeneXus Next for application generation can be used with the full power and features of the GeneXus IDE to evolve the software and create future-proof Mission-Critical Systems.

Some recent updates to GeneXus Next include:

Conversational Development
This functionality enables application modeling in a hybrid mode, combining No-Code editing with natural language editing. It allows for intuitive interaction with natural language commands, such as ["add information to a specific entity of the system" or "analyze the current entities of the system and suggest improvements"], facilitating conversational development and drag-and-drop adjustments in No-Code mode.

Out-of-the-Box Generation of an Enterprise AI Application
The solution generated by GeneXus Next is fully functional and designed for mission-critical use, powered by Generative AI (GenAI & LLMs). Depending on preferences, it generates an integrated System Chat or filters and searches that harness GenAI's power.
System Chat
This feature allows for conversational queries related to the company's operational data and even allows conversational data operations (modifications and updates).

GeneXus Enterprise AI: Interaction Hub and Dynamic Queries

GeneXus Enterprise AI (code name SAIA), the new product from GeneXus that unlocks the adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence in systems (the same one used in GeneXus Next), now enables new interaction capabilities for users, creating new experiences and functionalities through:

Interaction Hub & PrivateGPT / Private GenAI
A chat-based, Artificial Intelligence-driven experience that enables secure natural language interaction with AI knowledge and integrated data in PrivateGPT / Private GenAI mode.

Dynamic Queries
Dynamic queries with Artificial Intelligence on the company's operational data, rendering real-time results, data, and graphics, harnessing the company's data volume.

GeneXus for Super Apps: Create a Super App from Scratch or Transform Any App into a Super App

GeneXus for Super Apps  is the world's first Low-Code platform that allows for the generation of Super Apps and Mini Apps from scratch or the transformation of native applications developed with any technology into Super Apps. This is achieved through GeneXus's Super App Render, enabling the dynamic loading of Mini Apps from a Mini App Center.

Starting in October 2023, GeneXus allows for the conversion of applications made in frameworks like Flutter or React Native into Super Apps while maintaining data privacy in communication between the Super App and Mini Apps. It also enables the creation and modeling of Super Apps from scratch with its own IDE, and its Native Mobile generators can produce the Super App, further accelerating businesses and ensuring end-to-end future-proofing.

GeneXus 18 Updates (u5 and u6): Over 500 Enhancements

GeneXus 18, the latest version of our Low-Code platform, continues to improve with over 500 enhancements, including accessibility improvements, multi-experience support, design enhancements for generated applications, API integration, observability, and support for event-driven architectures.

With GeneXus 18 Update 6, we simplify the creation of back offices with Angular by adding a Tabular Grid UI control and automatic update mechanisms in Panels.

The updates also include support for XCode 15 and MacOS Sonoma (14) for developing native mobile iOS applications, a GeneXus Project Browser for prototyping Android applications and mini-apps (like iOS).

For Java, the platform now generates code for Spring Boot, simplifying setup, accelerating prototyping, and facilitating the integration of GeneXus advantages in environments where Spring Boot is a standard.

Learn more about GeneXus 18 Update 5  and Update 6 of GeneXus 18.