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Discover everything about GeneXus 18 Update 5

The fifth update of GeneXus 18 is now available, making it even easier to convert native applications into Super Apps. It also includes improvements in User Experience, a new API for Event Messaging, and new features for Angular, GXflow, .NET, Java, and Azure users.

GeneXus 18 Update 5 introduces a range of innovative features that will boost efficiency and quality in the process of creating and maintaining applications developed with GeneXus.

Among the more than 300 updates, the following stand out:
  • Accessibility support in solutions developed in Angular.
  • Any native application, developed with any technology, including those created with frameworks like Flutter or React Native, can now be transformed into a Super App.
  • User interfaces can now display responses sent by APIs in fragments, which is particularly useful when interacting with Generative Artificial Intelligence APIs.
  • The new Event Messaging API has been added, advancing towards greater support for event-driven scenarios.
  • For GXflow users, the installation of non-standard platforms has been automated, making it easier to adopt new updates.

For non-expert front-end developers, the editing experience of the Design System Object has been improved, allowing for the selection and configuration of only valid properties for a specific environment or UI control.

To learn more, visit our wiki: GeneXus 18 Update 5.