Upgrade 6 for GeneXus 16. What’s new?

Important compatibility aspects to be taken into account in the recent Upgrade 6, and news and advances on Upgrade 7 of GeneXus. 

Developers from over 20 countries have already downloaded the update into their systems to include the Upgrade 6 of GeneXus 16. This update instance includes technical specifications that abide by compatibilities with Chatbots, novel GAM authentications, and requirements for Java 8. 

As announced during the GX29 Meeting, this upgrade enables the addition of messaging channels of  WhatsApp and Facebook to the applications. Now it is also possible to train customized models of automatic learning with the new Artificial Intelligence Module. 

As well, work is already under way in relation to the compatibility of iOS XCode 11.2, which will be available in Upgrade 7. In the meantime, it is possible to include its updates by accessing its preview. 

Compatibilities and aspects to consider in the U6 of GeneXus 16

Compatibility with Chatbots: due to a change in the service platform of IBM Watson that affects the .NET generator, following the steps explained in the GeneXus Community Wiki is necessary to maintain compatibility with previous versions. 

GAM: The GeneXus Access Manager introduces a new type of authentication using Apple’s identity provider.  This enables any application to use Apple ID to be authenticated. 

Compilation in Java: due to security reasons, Java 8 will be the minimum version supported by the applications generated with our Low Code platform. 

XCode 11 or 11.1 for iOS: to develop applications for the Apple platform, GeneXus 16 Upgrade 6 requires XCode 11 or 11.1. The support of XCode 11.2 –the latest version of XCode– is already available in the preview of Upgrade 7 and it will be officially released in it.  

Find more information on the requirements of iOS and GeneXus here.

If you still have not downloaded the Upgrade 6 of GeneXus 16 you may do it here.