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Thinking in this new world of the multi-experience software solutions, GeneXus 16 provides a new set of tools and processes. As usual, we aim to simplify the life of Developers that create applications that seamlessly work among devices, situations, and integrations seamlessly.

Multiexpirence & Omnichannel.

The buzzwords evolved from cross-platform and multi-platform to omnichannel and multi-experience. As always, this means that must to do more, learn more and cover more areas with the usual constraints of time and resources. For that matter, we are delivering strategies for you to cover more ground when creating applications for this new world.

Design Systems

To increase Developers productivity and the work and dialog between Designers and Developers, in GeneXus 16 we’ll be supporting the modeling of Design Systems inside GeneXus. To the traditional tools for Designing in GeneXus like Patterns, Themes, and Color Palettes, we are adding more flexibility to the creation of cross-platform design models called Stencils, streamlining the production of more flexible Custom User Controls, and the use of Base CSS Styles.

Experiencing a better UX

We’re adding a lot of cool features related to the creation of better User Experiences. Additional controls to create better applications, like the Flex Grid and the possibility of out-of-the-box Biometric Authentication.
Streams of information are now easily incorporated into applications created with GeneXus to simplify the construction of Twitter and Facebook-like applications. Maps, tracking, and localization for location-aware applications are also available with GeneXus 16.

Conversational UI

We simplified the modeling of Chatbots, Hybrid UI, and Virtual Assistants that can now be added as one crucial communication channel between customers and companies. This addition completes our offering for improving productivity between Developers and Designers in the development of integrated, multi-experience applications.

Learn how to create Chatbots with GeneXus 16.

New Out-of-the-box Integrations.

As Developers need to integrate with more services and providers as technology evolves, we incorporated more services and providers covering different industries and territories.

Cognitive and Machine Learning Services

GeneXus apps have never been so smart! We streamlined Cognitive and Machine Learning Services integrations to your developments from the majority of the most important vendors in the AI market: IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services & SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation are ready to go, while Amazon Machine Learning & Google Cloud AI are coming soon!

New and upgraded Payment Methods

We added WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, and Stripe as new providers for payment solutions, and we updated a few of the ones we already had to support changes and current realities better: Paypal, Mercado Pago.


We continued integrating Cloud Service providers to GeneXus integration capabilities to increase flexibility and power during the construction and deployment of custom enterprise-grade applications.

OData support

We now allow GeneXus Developers to consume services automatically with the OData protocol. These integrations enable GeneXus to interoperate with any system that exposes and consumes OData services (ERPs, CRMs, API Business Hubs, and even non-relational Databases).
When consuming OData from an external system, GeneXus analyzes the metadata and incorporates the entities and their relationship to the application model, so that the Developer can use those entities natively from inside GeneXus -with the use of the traditional GeneXus transaction- to create applications that perform CRUD operations in the external system.

Information Streams support

Now you can create Twitter and Facebook like streams of information with the support of Apache Kafka to integrate seamlessly your information flows, whatever its source or displaying target. Additionally, a new evolution of the Socket API was created in order to solve real-time  bidirectional Client-Server communication scenarios.

New Notifications

Jpush support was added to the notifications we can send from apps.


There is an increasing level of complexity in the creation of software solutions which has increased the risks related to the security of the systems, therefore, security in applications has become one of our main areas of attention.
Working continuously with a team of security specialists, we have provided solutions to automate the procurement of systems that follow the most strict quality and security standards.

Additional Protections

In Mobile: Offline Databases can now be automatically encrypted to protect sensitive data locally stored. Obfuscation of code in mobile and smart devices applications is also supported.  In Web: Lots of advancements in the protection of sensitive data that shows on screen.

Improvements to GAM

Thanks to improvements to GeneXus Authentication and Authorization Manager (GAM), now you can configure your apps to authenticate (SSO) with any OAUTH 2.0 Authentication Provider like Office 365, Linkedin, Instagram or Mercadolibre.


Managing development processes the “DevOps way” gets the result of high quality software standards and faster delivery speed. If we mix DevOps with Artificial Intelligence that creates, evolves and deploys the Software automatically, we get GeneXus 16.

Pipeline Control

Jenkins Continuous Integration Server can now be used for automating the continuous delivery of applications that are automatically created, maintained and evolved with GeneXus.

Testing Modeling

As part of the automation of the DevOps cycle, now unit testing can also be modeled to provide the highest quality application delivery process.


Docker and Serverless options are now added to the extensive list of targets that are possible to automatically deploy to using GeneXus.


Also monitoring the applications now is easier than ever thanks to the use of the logging API.

New Localization.

Hello China!

We are moving full-speed ahead into China, and for that we adapted GeneXus to the realities of that market. The IDE and the Documentation are now translated to Chinese. We also added different Chinese technology services that developers need to create applications for China: Jpush for notifications, Ali Pay and We Chat Pay for payment support, and we also incorporated Baidu Maps and AutoNavi as mapping services.


Future-proofing .Net

As usual, we are adding a new code generator following the movements of a big player into new territories. Microsoft, with its move of .Net to Unix-based systems, opened a unique opportunity to continue delivering our future-proof promise, with the brand new .NetCore generator.
Your .Net applications, running everywhere, without needing to re-code thanks to GeneXus 16.

What’s new in GeneXus 16?

What’s new is that we are moving from a world from websites and apps to the world of pervasive multi-experience, and software development needs to adapt to this new reality quickly.