We are launching a loyalty program for Brazil

There will be exclusive discounts for students participating in our training courses and passing the final exam. The offer is exclusive to Brazil until the end of 2024.

With the aim of expanding IT workforce training, we are pleased to announce the new loyalty program that will offer exclusive benefits to those seeking to learn and enhance their skills in using GeneXus.

Those who complete the GeneXus Core Lab, courses, aimed at beginners, or the GeneXus Advanced Lab courses, at intermediate level, and pass the final exam, will receive exclusive discounts for their next certifications.

Here's how the program will work for each of the courses:

GeneXus Core Lab

Participants in the GeneXus Core Lab , who pass the final exam, will receive a 25% discount coupon for their next course, which can be GeneXus for Mobile Lab or GeneXus Advanced Lab, or they can choose to get a 10% discount on the first GeneXus license.

The GeneXus Core Lab course aims to teach the basics of GeneXus from scratch, with online and live classes, teacher support, study materials, and assessment exercises.

The dates for the next GeneXus Core Lab courses are available on the calendar published by our GeneXus Training academy.

GeneXus Advanced Lab

Students of the GeneXus Advanced Lab , who pass the final exam of this course, will receive a 40% discount coupon for their GeneXus Proficiency Course Exam or a 10% discount on the second GeneXus license.

In this course, participants can deepen their knowledge of the GeneXus platform, achieving optimized usage skills in the tool for building applications of any complexity, including mission-critical ones, with minimal effort and greater agility. They also have access to an educational system, teacher support, online classes, and exercises.

To participate, it is necessary to have completed the GeneXus Core Course. Check the upcoming dates on the course calendar.

GeneXus for Mobile

In the GeneXus for Mobile course, theoretical foundations for creating applications for mobile devices are presented, covering the tools that GeneXus offers to facilitate development.

With approximately 45 hours of content, the course includes video lectures, practical exercises, and a final exam for certification. During the learning process, GeneXus also provides support materials, an educational platform, online and live classes for questions, and academic support.

To take the course, you need to have the knowledge provided in the GeneXus Core or be a Junior GeneXus Analyst. Check the upcoming dates on the course calendar.

The country manager of GeneXus in Brazil, Portugal, and Cape Verde, Ricardo Recchi, explains that the loyalty program aims to expand the use of the Low-Code platform and promote the development of the IT job market.

"Initiatives like this are extremely important to increase the training rate of IT professionals, as well as to promote the use of an innovative tool aimed at meeting the needs of Digital Transformation," concludes Recchi.

*Discounts for courses are not cumulative. Therefore, the above-mentioned value can only be used once.