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GeneXus Live Announcements: GeneXus 18 and… GX30!

This year’s Enterprise Low-Code online event, organized by GeneXus, was held on October 11. Some of the major announcements include the new features of GeneXus 18, the latest version soon to be released, and the confirmation that in 2023 the community will once again hold face-to-face meetings, starting with the long-awaited GX30.

The online event is now available at, with 20 new videos that address different topics about software and GeneXus, organized around the following pillars:  
In addition, there’s a calendar of activities to sign up for online meetings called AMAs where different topics are addressed through questions and answers.

GeneXus LIVE Highlights:

  • GeneXus 18 was introduced.
  • It was announced that GX30 will take place in 2023.
  • The reasons why GeneXus chose Globant and vice versa were discussed, with the participation of Guibert Englebienne, Director of Globant X and Co-founder of Globant.
At the beginning of the event that attracted thousands of online viewers from all over the world, Nicolás Jodal, GeneXus CEO, talked about the decision of integrating GeneXus into Globant’s Low-Code portfolio: “The first and most important business decision of our lives—together with Breogán Gonda—was to create the company (GeneXus). The second most important decision was how to continue it in the future, and we chose Globant, to grow our technology a lot more.”

In turn, Guibert Englebienne, Globant Co-founder and Globant X Director, talked about Globant’s mission and how it could be empowered with GeneXus: “We at Globant X have the tools that make the digital transformation of our clients easier. That is why adding GeneXus to our portfolio allows us to do things with much less effort; it allows us to ensure that our clients, when they develop an application, generate code that will stay young for many years to come.”

Mr. Englebienne was also enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by Mini Programs or Super Apps: “It's as if there were a Netflix of apps, with the ability to stream an app directly to the device without installing it.”

Watch GeneXus Live to learn all about the successful implementations of GeneXus in Japan (Mitsubishi Electrics and Resona Bank) presented by Gisela Bertelli, GeneXus CBO, and the impressive technological details that make a difference in GeneXus 18, introduced by Gastón Milano (GeneXus CTO) and Armin Bachmann (GeneXus Product Manager).