GeneXus in Win, Mac & Linux? → GeneXus M!

As 2019 comes to an end, 2020 kicks off in full process for the testing of the new GeneXus M! This new IDE brings along the Next Generation multi-platform power for developing GeneXus applications that may be executed not only from Windows, but also from Linux and MacOS, through the cloud. 
Try out this advance!

GeneXus M is a new IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that enables development using a Windows environment, in addition to the possibility of doing it from Linux and MacOS, while allowing for the quick generation of software apps for the web and/or mobile devices, in a variety of languages and platforms.

Special features of GeneXus M

- Frictionless development, as complex code generation with AI algorithms in the cloud takes place right there.
- GeneXus M has the supplement of the WIN native IDE, which takes us one step closer to simplified software development with the Client/Server architecture that allows for the KB (Knowledge Base) to be modelled in the GeneXus Platform.
- This is a technology longed for by the members of the GeneXus Community who work in other environments other than Windows. Additionally, it is also an ideal platform for those who still haven’t experienced the power of our low-code software. We are very happy to have this lightweight platform where it is possible to try GeneXus with no other requirement than to download it in just one minute.  Download it for Win, Mac, or Linux and create your first app with GeneXus M!

This video (spanish) by Germán Asiz shows GeneXus M in runtime: