GeneXus M
A Web Low-Code IDE, powered by Cloud & AI
Coming soon
  • Frictionless software development

    Easily install it on your Mac, on Windows, or on Linux. GeneXus M is a lightweight, Cloud-based, AI-Powered IDE.

    • Cross-platform
  • Learn the ideas behind GeneXus

    Walk your first steps with GeneXus and learn why we do things in a different, future-proof way.

    • Training
  • Create apps for Web & for Mobile

    Create AI-powered native mobile apps and responsive web apps using a single model. More technologies coming soon!

    • Multi-experience
GeneXus M is evolving

Better than a light Beta,

a Dark Delta version

GeneXus M is improving every day. Install the evolving version of GeneXus M and be part of the path that takes us to the Next GeneXus. Welcome to the dark side of GeneXus.

Why a GeneXus M?

With GeneXus M we want to create a lightweight, cross-platform IDE for GeneXus that allows our customers to evolve between versions and platforms minimizing any huzzle.