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What’s New in GeneXus 17 U6:  Design System Object, Security, .NET Core, API Integration

GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6 is at the top of its game regarding software development modeling. Have you upgraded it yet?

GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6 brings the release of the Design System Object, increases the connections to identity providers with OpenID Connect, and introduces OpenAPI 3.0 support—in addition to security updates with new update methods, DesignOps improvements, and new features in .NET 5 and Java included in GeneXus 17 U5.

This is part of our commitment to technology upgrading with the latest standards and integration with thousands of services described with this version of the OpenAPI protocol.

This major upgrade improves the way your design is modeled. Improved modeling always results in better applications, and this is the case when using the Design System Object because this Domain Specific Language (DSL) for modeling designs provides increased accuracy and runtime performance.

Generated applications are enhanced with new user interface controls and capabilities for native mobile applications, back-end technology improvements, new integration capabilities and, last but not least, security updates and features.

Key aspects of GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6:

Design Systems and DesignOps

  • Design System Object: The Design System Object defines style characteristics for screen controls to achieve greater abstraction in application design. It allows for easier reuse and assembly, thus increasing productivity and agility.
  • A refactoring of the Import from Sketch tool has been made to advance towards integration of designs from other vendors in addition to Sketch. 
  • Also, the Sketch Import option allows creating GeneXus objects from a user interface design made with a Sketch design.

.NET Core Generator (.NET 5)

  • New Database Management Systems: SAP Hana Database, Informix, DB2 Universal Database. Adding support for those DBMS in the .NET Core generator, which already generates .NET 5, is part of the strategy and the path to .NET 6, as announced by Claudia Murialdo in the online presentation titled State of the Art: Microsoft Azure, .NET and GeneXus. Something similar happens with deployment to Azure functions in relation to the Azure completeness strategy. 

Activate subtitles in your language.

  • Google Cloud Storage Provider: In addition to determining the storage provider for multimedia files used in the knowledge base, it allows choosing among several external storage providers (Google Cloud is added to those already existing: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, BM Cloud Object and local).


  • cURL Inspector is a useful shortcut to import simple services from a cURL sample provided by the service provider.
  • The OpenAPI import tool can import services described by the OpenAPI 3.0 specification. Support for OpenAPI 3 is part of our commitment to technology upgrading according to the latest standards, which enables integration with thousands of services described with this protocol version.
  • Improvements to JSON serialization and External Name property in API object.


Beyond the ongoing work on security, the addition of OpenID Connect for authentication with external identity providers completes the ability to connect through market-leading protocols.

Native Mobile 



Apps are now compiled with the iOS 15 SDK.
Support for new Scanner Control properties.
Lastly, GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6 also brings new developments related to Cloud, BPM, Testing, and other compatibility details that can be explored in the Community Wiki.  

Download GeneXus 17 U6!

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