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New GeneXus generator for .NET Core 3.1

The .NET Core generator enables you the possibility to use GeneXus for generating web applications that use Microsoft’s latest multi-platform language.

A couple of years ago, Microsoft released a .Net framework cross platform called NetCore with a special feature that allowed running .Net apps on Linux computers. 

Microsoft is currently updating its .NET Core technology towards .NET 5, and, along the way of this transition, the release of NET Core 3.1 represents a milestone. 

Since .Net 3.1 was released early in December, an important announcement for the Community is that the GeneXus Generator that supports that technology is already available.  

The GeneXus generator for .NET CORE 3.1 Beta is already available, and you may test it by subscribing to the betatester channel. 

So far, the GeneXus .NET Core generator –released with GeneXus 16 in 2018– has been generating for version 2.1, which corresponds to the previous LTS (Long Term Support) version. The milestone implied in the release of version 3.1, and the generator’s availability allow for systems in .NET Core 2.1 or generated for .NET to have a frictionless move into the latest technology from Microsoft.
Check out all the benefits and innovation for the .NET platform in the presentation by Claudia Murialdo at the GX29 Meeting (spanish):