Success story
Liga BBVA Bancomer

Liga BBVA Bancomer App: from 0 to 10 million users

LIGA BBVA BANCOMER MX is a massively popular mobile app with continuous updates, unique features, and a great track record. It is a perfect example of agility and scalability as a result of using Low-Code multiplatform development technology.

LIGA BBVA BANCOMER MX is a popular mobile app with continuous updates, unique features, and an excellent track record. It is a perfect example of agility and scalability as a result of using Low-Code multiplatform development technology.

Liga BBVA Bancomer or Liga MX is the essential professional soccer league in Mexico. The sport is king and attracts millions of fans or "porras" as known locally. It consists of 18 teams from different states, making the sport so popular among more than 120 million inhabitants.

Since its debut in 2015, the Liga MX App has kept fans connected to the teams and matches, providing all the league information and statistics. It offers detailed information of the games, following teams, and allowing users to watch videos of the goals in real-time when they cannot watch TV.

Just a few weeks after going live, Apple iTunes included it in the Featured Apps section.

Customized User Experience and Sophisticated Design
Thanks to its excellent UX, it is a unique application with features that make it more engaging than other information outlets. For example, it can send up to 9 types of push notifications about the activities taking place at any given time; right after a team scores a goal, all the users subscribed to that team are notified and shown a video of what happened. 

This scenario can involve a huge number of visits at any given time, so the infrastructure on which the application runs must be scalable enough to handle millions of users on match days.

At present, the app is recognized as being informative and entertaining at the same time.

Its unique Graphical Interface and intuitive "QuickView" navigation also set it apart. The Dynamic Menu with ‘Widgets’ and shortcuts to the different sections of the App, live stats, and stadium location by satellite.

The design elements integrated throughout the development keep the app's visual impact. The advanced technology developed with GeneXus allows for sophisticated features, such as simultaneous display of two or more live matches. 

In addition, to achieve the desired User Experience, the platform is customizable. It offers a graphical interface and intuitive “QuickView” navigation, created explicitly for the clear visualization of dynamic data in real time, with the ability to drill down on demand.

The dynamic menu with ‘widgets’ shows frequently updated information and provides shortcuts to the app's various sections, enhancing its unique navigation experience.

Technological Challenges
Six years later, the application is still in the TOP 10 with about 10 million users out of 120 million inhabitants and 40.4 million smartphones. 

The high demand it faces at times is a great challenge that it has overcome with resilience and agility, reaching 100,000 recurring users.

Technical Characteristics
Below are some of the technologies that were used and integrated into the development and implementation of the Liga MX App with the GeneXus Low-Code development platform:
  • Cloud AWS
    • AWS Autoscaling
    • AWS Load Balancer
    • AWS CloudFront CDN
    • AWS S3
    • AWS Video HLS Streaming
  • Push Notifications with OneSignal
  • CloudFlare
  • iOS/Android/Apple Watch

The Liga MX App currently handles a large amount of users and is an excellent example of scalability and volume.
• 150,000 users per day (400,000 users on weekends)
• 220,000 requests per minute at peak times
• Up to 40,000 concurrent users
• 200,000 notifications per second have been sent on some matches
• To date, the App has sent more than 5 billion notifications
• 50 billion screen views

The application has 4.5 stars in the Apple Store and a similar rating in Google Play. 

At its launch, Apple showcased it in the Apple Store, which is the highest recognition from Apple for applications in its store.

The app's outstanding quality sparked Apple's interest, so they invited the technicians who developed it to come to their lab in London to port it to the Apple Watch before its launch.

5 years and 10 million users later ...
The app: "Liga Bancomer MX Official App" can be downloaded from the App Store, iOS & watchOS2, and from GooglePlay for Android. It is also available in Huawei’s App Gallery.