We Launch a Free Course to Learn How to Use GeneXus Enterprise AI

The training is aimed at individuals with a technical profile who want to integrate Generative Artificial Intelligence into business applications.

We are pleased to announce that we have already released the GeneXus Enterprise AI Course, a free online training designed to teach how to integrate Generative Artificial Intelligence into any business application.

The course is aimed at people with a technical profile, not necessarily GeneXus developers, who have basic knowledge of Prompt Engineering, use of REST API and Postman API Platform for testing and integrating APIs in business developments.

The syllabus includes Introduction, Organization Management, Assistants, Observability, Frontend, APIs, and Use Cases with GeneXus.

GeneXus Enterprise AI is an advanced middleware that connects business applications with Deep Learning Language Models (LLMs), offering a wide range of tools and features that foster innovation and technological progress in companies. This way, what is developed using this platform remains independent of the AI model, allowing the provider or model to be changed in the future without needing to rewrite the integration layer in the applications that use it.

With GeneXus Enterprise AI, organizations can build assistants capable of chatting with their data, documents, and APIs, organize how LLMs will be used in different projects, control the budget they want to allocate to each project or application, resolve integration with all model providers and vector databases for RAG Assistants, integrate models hosted on services dedicated to providing processing power for model inference, and leverage the support of open source LLMs hosted on the NVIDIA platform.

Alejandra Caggiano, Systems Analyst and Senior GeneXus Instructor on the GeneXus Training team, highlights: "The emergence of ChatGPT is generating a new revolution in experiences and applications. This course provides the skills and tools necessary to develop highly effective and personalized AI assistants, which can be integrated into developments regardless of the technology. We invite you not to miss this opportunity and to experience the potential of Generative AI through GeneXus Enterprise AI."

For more information, you can contact our training team via email at

Use Cases

Here are some Use Cases for you to discover how different industries are transforming their operations with GeneXus Enterprise AI:

Foreign Trade
Electric Power