We have released the GeneXus Prototyper plugin for Figma in beta

This new Figma plugin allows designers to create a fully functional application prototype directly from the Figma tool, without relying on programmers to import it into GeneXus. This technology significantly reduces the time and effort of the work team.

As part of our ongoing efforts towards integrating design and application development, we are announcing the beta release of the GeneXus Prototyper plugin for Figma.

This innovative plugin allows designers to experiment with the behavior of their designs in a real application before handing them over to the development team for implementation, reducing friction and enabling a smoother transition from design to production.

The plugin works with GeneXus' Design Import tool, allowing users to generate application prototypes based on Figma designs and then host these applications in the GeneXus Cloud for deployment and execution.

"GeneXus Prototyper represents a significant milestone in the convergence of design and application development. We are enabling designers to create interactive prototypes that seamlessly transform into real applications, leveraging the power of GeneXus,” says Mauro Canziani, Head of Design at GeneXus.

The GeneXus Prototyper for Figma will revolutionize how design and development teams collaborate in creating applications, providing an effective bridge between creative vision and technical implementation.

Visit the GeneXus Wiki to expand the technical documentation of the GeneXus Prototyper for Figma.

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