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Qlik and QBIC drive digital transformation with Intelligent Data at GX30

Qlik and QBIC join forces as Silver sponsors of the GeneXus Meeting - GX30 to showcase how intelligent data integration and Augmented Analytics solutions can empower companies' adaptability and growth in a dynamic and competitive environment.

QBIC, Qlik's partners in Uruguay and a global leader in data integration, quality, and analysis solutions, unite as Silver sponsors of the GeneXus Meeting - GX30, scheduled from November 28th to 30th at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Through Qlik's participation, a leader in source integration, democratization, and data processing utilizing AI and Machine Learning for augmented analytics, along with QBIC, data management specialists, event attendees will grasp the importance of these technologies in turning vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable insights.

"Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) is often a passive approach relying on pre-configured historical data. Users make decisions based on the past, lacking the capability to drive real-time actions. Qlik proposes a different approach. As a data integration platform for Active Intelligence, Qlik enables a state of continuous intelligence, offering a comprehensive analytics data pipeline that provides real-time updated information designed to trigger immediate actions as needed by the business," explains Javier Burstin, partner at QBIC.

Throughout GX30, Qlik and QBIC will have a stand available during the 3-day event. They will also share a success case in the talk titled "Conaprole, the path towards comprehensive data management." In this presentation, Diego Vázquez, Manager of Planning and Technological Transformation at Conaprole, will showcase how Uruguay's most important dairy company bases its decision-making processes using Qlik Analytics Platform, amalgamating data from systems developed with GeneXus, SAP, among others.

Their presentation will delve into how they merged developments in GeneXus and Qlik applications, transforming operations and maximizing benefits for the organization, focusing on key aspects such as:

- Speed of access to information within high data volumes.
- Ability to work with multiple data sources.
- Scalability, productivity, performance, and dynamism according to needs.
- Simplicity in associating and searching for information.

"The AI Revolution is already upon us. GX30 will be a great opportunity for organizations to understand the importance of using Qlik to activate their data and drive real business opportunities," details Diego Piccinino, Qlik's Channel Manager.

For more details about the solutions presented by Qlik and QBIC at GX30, you can visit their stand during the event and follow them on their social networks:

Qlik: LinkedIn, X, Facebook
QBIC: LinkedIn 

About Qlik

Qlik is an Active Intelligence data integration platform that offers real-time updated information designed to trigger immediate actions when needed by the business.

Qlik specializes in comprehensive data management, obtaining, converting, democratizing, and making data available for the entire organization in real-time.

Qlik helps companies worldwide move faster, work smarter, and lead the way with an integrated solution to extract value from data.

They have over 40,000 active customers worldwide and offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

About QBIC

QBIC is a Uruguayan company formed by BI specialists, experts in comprehensive data project management, ensuring that the product and service delivered meet the needs with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

QBIC incorporates modern and agile methodologies that ensure project compliance in a timely manner.