Job Opportunities in the Technology Sector

There is a growing demand for GeneXus Analysts worldwide, and knowledge of GeneXus is a sought-after advantage in the labor market because of its flexibility, productivity, and low-code development capabilities.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay are just some of the countries currently included on the list of job opportunities posted at

Job openings can be posted and found easily on our portal, which is free and makes it possible to connect companies and professionals of the GeneXus world.

In addition to the job center, the GeneXus Jobs Group in LinkedIn is another channel that usually has a strong flow of job applications, and where vacancies for developers or project managers with GeneXus knowledge and/or experience are published almost every week. The objective of this space is to share job opportunities from companies that are part of the Community comprising more than 9,000 companies all over the world, so if you are not a member yet, we invite you to join the network to have instant access to the latest news.

In short, opportunities in the software job market are on the rise, and being a GeneXus Analyst increases the probabilities of working in the sector. On these two sites you can view the current job openings worldwide and apply for the ones that interest you:

GeneXus Job Opportunities 
GeneXus Jobs Group in LinkedIn 

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