26 videos to upgrade to GeneXus 16

Do you want to upgrade your skills from GeneXus 15 to GeneXus 16? Do it now with these 26 video tutorials of GeneXus Training.

The upgrade course from GeneXus 15 to GeneXus 16 is already available online and free to access.

It's a compilation of 26 videos to familiarize yourself with the main features of GeneXus 16, especially those that distinguish it from GeneXus version 15. Therefore, it includes the new developments included in upgrades 1 to 12 of GeneXus 15, as well as the features added between GeneXus 15 u12 and version 16. The 26 self-study videos are recordings of the course taught after the 2018 GeneXus Meeting where GeneXus 16 was released.

The most important topics covered are as follows:
Design Systems & UX
BPM and Reporting
DevOps Cycles

Here you will find more information about the upgrade course from GeneXus 15 to GeneXus 16.