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INTERFASE celebrates 30 years of continuous participation in the GeneXus Meeting and announces new developments

Since our inception, INTERFASE has been the official distributor of GeneXus, playing a crucial role in the evolution and adoption of our technology in Uruguay and other parts of the world.

INTERFASE, a company specializing in the development and supply of computer and telecommunications solutions for the corporate market, confirms its participation for the thirtieth consecutive year in the GeneXus Meeting - GX30, scheduled to take place from November 28 to 30, 2023, at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Their participation solidifies them as one of the most prominent and experienced partners of the event.

"Participating for 30 consecutive years in the GeneXus Meeting is more than a tradition for us; it is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and technological evolution. This event not only provides a space to share our experiences and successes but also an invaluable opportunity to learn and collaborate with the vibrant developer community. We are excited about what lies ahead and proud to continue being an integral part of this extraordinary technological journey," emphasizes Claudio Siebel, director of INTERFASE.

Currently, INTERFASE is working on updates in the areas of Identity, Billing, and Digital Certification. "We want to provide GeneXus developers with tools, through APIs, to access and add flows," comments Claudio.

On another note, INTERFASE has a strong focus on Payroll with an installed base in government agencies and private companies.

Payroll is a tool that allows for the simple, secure, and efficient management of company resources, from the payroll calculation for all employees to their records, leaves, and much more.

Initially designed for salary management, this solution has evolved by adding new modules for human resource management. With them, it is possible to manage corporate communication, training, recruitment, selection, and performance evaluation.

During the 3 days of the GeneXus Meeting - GX30, participants will have the opportunity to visit the INTERFASE booth and witness the live presentation of Payroll.

Under the slogan "more human, digital, and accessible," Payroll will be showcased with a demonstration through a self-service kiosk, allowing attendees to observe and inquire about how this platform works for placing orders, checking information, and other functionalities.

The history of INTERFASE and GeneXus

In 1986, INTERFASE signed an agreement to become a distributor of IBM Uruguay under the "marketing contractor" figure. At that time, INTERFASE distributed large and medium-sized equipment to government organizations such as ANTEL and UTE. They added their own development to provide more value to this equipment.

In their ambition to evolve and improve the software for those devices, they joined forces with GeneXus, enabling them to offer their customers automatic maintenance of databases and application codes without the need to program from scratch.

"This synthesis capability allowed us to design the solution and export it directly to the customer's team. It was helpful, especially for those with expensive equipment and no developers," says Claudio.

After this successful start, INTERFASE began using GeneXus for all applications. As custom systems were developed for clients, it was seen that it was possible to replicate and adapt them for others. This gave birth to the concept of "incremental systems" in the partner ecosystem.

Knowledge bases were transformed into products that could be adjusted according to the needs of each client. This is how Payroll was created, initially as a salary system for ANCAP that later transformed into a product with upgrades.


INTERFASE was born in Uruguay in 1970, and since then, it has demonstrated a strong belief that technology can make a real difference in people's lives.

This became evident in the 1970s when they installed alarms in a hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This innovation represented a significant advancement at the time and laid the foundation for the company's identity as a technology player committed to benefiting humanity.

INTERFASE has evolved over the years, moving from analog and electronic mechanical devices to digital technology.

The company has been a pioneer in numerous technological milestones in Uruguay, including the construction of the first central telex, the first packet data network, the first Internet node, and all digital trust service providers.

Today, INTERFASE has over a hundred employees who continue to drive the digital revolution and the information age, with values of teamwork, passion for innovation, positive attitude, integrity, and a strong customer focus.

The company has excelled in key areas such as the Internet, user digital experience, electronic processes and documents, identities and digital signatures, mobile applications, smart cities, cryptography, biometrics, and blockchain.

The excellence and commitment of INTERFASE have been recognized with the National Engineering Award in Uruguay and prestigious organizations and partners throughout Latin America have praised its outstanding work in telecommunications, engineering, cryptography, and digital transformations.